Verified Operator Request [TableStakes]


  • TableStakes

Self hosted eth1 client:

  • Geth

Self hosted eth 2 client:

  • Prysm

Data center information:

  • 100% Dedicated Physical node co-located in private secure facility with redundant power and tier-1 network connectivity @ Denver, Colorado
    • 4TB NVMe WD RED High Endurance SSD
    • 32GB DDR4 RAM
    • Intel Core I7-1165G7 @ 2.8-4.7 GHz
    • Symmetrical 100 Mbps Metro Ethernet w/ 800/60 Mbps backup carrier for failover
  • 100% Dedicated Physical node co-located in private secure facility with redundant power and tier-1 network connectivity @ Longmont, Colorado
    • 4TB NVMe WD RED High Endurance SSD
    • 64GB DDR4 RAM
    • Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz
    • 1200/100 Mbps throughput via Tier-1 ISP

Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission:

Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission:

About Us

TableStakes offers non-custodial staking services that helps reduce risks associated with the traditional “Proof-of-Stake” model providing you with peace of mind.

Benefits of staking with us:

  • Truly Non-Custodial – you retain control of YOUR assets, we just manage the technical part

  • Easy to Use – we aim to make ETH staking easy while reducing risk

  • Completely Secure – Zero compromises when it comes to security

    • Security updates for all components of the infrastructure (OS, node, execution, consensus) installed within 24 hours
    • SSH auth restricted to ssh keys, only accessible via VPN, and only via a random high port number
    • REST/WS/RPC APIs restricted to access only via internal endpoints (nothing exposed publicly)
    • At-rest encryption of physical volumes enabled.
  • Our nodes run on 100% DEDICATED, high-end, future-proofed physical hardware co-located within two separate secure facilities with redundant power and tier-1 network connectivity to ensure maximum up-time!

  • Monitoring and Dedicated support 24/7; reachable via multiple communication mediums (see contact details below)

  • We strive to promote client diversity and we have already spun up another node running LightHouse / Geth and will soon apply for verified status for that node as well.

#About me, my skills and responsibilities

  • I’m a Miner, Staker, Node Operator, open-source contributor, Crypto enthusiast / evangelist and Sr DevOps / SRE with 15+ years of experience overall, and 5+ years in the block-chain space specifically.
  • Participated in and/or particpates in many testnets / devnets, some of which include SSV, RocketPool, Gnosis/xDAI, Kiln, Kintsugi, & Ropsten
  • Contributed to many projects by providing buxfixes via PRs
  • Experienced running nodes securely & reliably always utilizing best practices for security and architecture
  • Experienced with and actively utilizes monitoring, alerting & logging analytic tools
  • Since the beginning in participation of the SSV testnets, we have operated two nodes with an up-time in excess of %99.95 and better (currently %99.97 on both nodes)
    *We are very responsible with ensuring security, performance, & up-time of our nodes while committing to timely security and software update as needed
    • We commit to deploy hard fork updates to consensus / execution clients at least three (3) days before said hard fork, if sufficient notice was given by EF and/or client teams
    • We commit to deploy maintenance releases of all clients (node/consensus/execution) in a timely manner
  • We are committed to provide personal level support to our stakers / validators and can be reached though a variety of means, some of which include: Discord, Forums, Telegram & LinkedIn. (contact details below)
  • We commit to issue postmortems in the event of unplanned outages of over 12 hours.
  • We will always try to notify our validators / network participants about any planned downtime at least 48 hours in advance
  • We commit to maintain and update our operator page to ensure our stakers / validators are able to make informed decisions about our services

Thank you for your consideration in this proposal!

Contact information:
Discord: DenverParaFlyer#9870
Telegram: @DenverParaFlyer


Proposal can be found here on Snapshot

Our communication channel on discord! Discord
Please join and tell us what you want to know!

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You are really active and helpful. I appreciate. I think you deserve it. Good luck

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Thank you sir, I appreciate the support!! :beers::pray::crossed_fingers:

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:confetti_ball: Successfully migrated away from Prysm to LightHouse! :boom: :white_check_mark:


Thank you everyone who supported TableStakes with your vote on the last snapshot proposal; unfortunately we failed to reach a quorum so we have drafted a new proposal that will be live soon and would really appreciate your vote again…

Thank you in advance!

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@BenAffleck @shadi can you guys help me out by encouraging the community to vote?
Thank you everyone!

@alonmuroch, @BenAffleck mentioned that I can ask about getting a KYC done to verify my identity with the Blox team. Please let me know how I can get the process started, thanks!

Best regards,
Chris Montes

Latest proposal can be found here on Snapshot

Our communication channel on discord! Discord
Please join and tell us what you want to know!

Hey bro. IT is better to introduce and show what you have done in the Chinese community. As I know, they are pretty active and have voting power as well. I saw the other passed cases in which NO just did the translation for docs and posted to the Chinese channel. You can try.


Thanks for the suggestion @satbalwyn :pray:

Hope to see a good result later

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