Verified Operator Request [XHash]


  • XHash

Self hosted Eth1 client:

  • Geth

Self hosted Eth2 client:

  • Prysm \ LightHouse

Data center information:

  • AWS Hosted infrastructure in California/Tokyo/Hongkong with 3 AZs for testnet.

Number of main-net validators at time of proposal submission:

  • 0 Validators on Ethereum Beacon Chain Mainnet.
    We’ll create a Validator on Ethereum Beacon Chain Mainnet this month.

Number of test-net validators at time of proposal submission:
We have 36 validators on Prater testnet

Validators 282813 282814 282815 301530 301531 301532 301731-301760

We have 4 operators and 3 validators on the SSV Network testnet.


XHash Operator SSV Network Explorer

XHash2 Operator SSV Network Explorer

XHash3 Operator SSV Network Explorer

XHash4 Operator SSV Network Explorer


XHash Validator 1 - SSV Network Explorer

XHash Validator 2 - SSV Network Explorer

XHash Validator 3 - SSV Network Explorer

About US

XHash is a start-up project established by SpiderPool team that provides Web3.0 infrastructure, our version is build a stable, reliable and secure blockchain infrastructure, provide POS staking service and multi-chain API to improve Web3.0 development with our customers.

SpiderPool is an ETH PoW mining pool, that served 100K+ miners and mined 300K+ ETH blocks, as a firm supporter of Ethereum we’re closely following the process of ETH upgrade, we believe ETH will be more scalable, more secure, and more sustainable after the upgrade, so we’ll build a brand new PoS Staking pool called XHash to serve our customers that interested in being an ETH validator.

Our validators will be deployed in different areas and different cloud service providers like AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Ali Cloud. We decided to embrace SSV stake framework to help us provide secure and fault tolerance ETH staking Service.

We’re exploring the technology structure of our Staking system and developing our website now, which will provide the web entrance and API entrance for our customers, a dashboard to show the profit every day, a monitoring system that watches the status of ETH1 and ETH2 nodes, and redundant backup system for power outage.

The Advantage of US

  • Rich experience in Ethereum node operation, maintenance and upgrade.
  • Broadcast mined blocks and attestations quickly using our worldwide ETH1 node broadcast network.
  • More profitable blocks by our optimized txpool and MEV transactions.
  • Experienced blockchain development team.

Additional Commitments

  • We commit to timely updates to our Execution Layer and Consensus Layer Nodes, that is what we’re doing in SpiderPool, once a new version of client update occurs, we have a mature process to review, test and deploy.
  • We commit to issuing a postmortem in case of node downtime of over 12 hours.
  • We commit to notify validators and network participants about a planned downtime at least 48 hours in advance.
  • We commit to maintaining and updating our operator page to make sure stakers can make informed decisions about my service.
  • We commit to human support to our stakers and can be reached through a variety of means, some of which include: Discord, Telegram, and Email.

Contact information:

Telegram: @kenwaywang

Discord: Kenway#2690


Thank you for your time and consideration of this proposal!