Verified Operator Request [ValiDiter]

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Company/requestor name: ValiDiter
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Self hosted eth1 client: geth
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Self hosted eth 2 client: Prysm
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Data center information: cloud, Hetzner, Ashburn, VA, USA
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission: no validators
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission: 54 (SSV Network Explorer)
:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: About me, my skills and responsobilities:
I’m DevOPS with 5+ years of experience:

  • Participated almost in all test-nets
  • Experienced running nodes securely using software & hardware tools
  • Experienced with monitoring and log analyzing tools
  • With SSV I faced first time 3 months ago, ran an operator node with uptime 100%(up 74 days). Performance right now is 99.56%.
  • I am very responsible to on time updates and uptime of my nodes. I commit to provide basic support to network validators in Discord, Forum, Telegram. I commit to issue a postmortem in case of node downtime of over 12 hours. I commit to notify validators and network participants about a planned downtime at least 48 hours in advance. I commit to maintain and update my operator page to make sure stakers are able to make informed decisions about my service.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: In case of urgent questions here are my contacts:
Discord: Diter#8997
Telegram: @dm_tern

:question: Feel free to ask me questions. Thank you!


Thank you for the proposal!:pray:

Voting for the DAO curated node registry will close tomorrow. So please make sure your proposal matches the requirements.

At a glance, you’ve covered the basics according to the template. I would have wished for a more personal tone and some nice formatting of your proposal. However, let’s wait for the vote to end and see what comments the community has. I’ll cover your proposal in the upcoming SSV Community Digest (tomorrow).

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:!


Welcome to join the ssv network, let us build ssv together


After creating this template, who will we forward it to?

The mechanics are described here.


  1. Operators should submit a proposal in the DAO’s forum (see a suggested format below)
  2. The community should have at least 7 days for comments and modifications
  3. The proposal should then be submitted to a 7 day vote period on Snapshot 14
  4. Once verified, an operator will be marked as such in the network’s explorer 6 (example 11). And, the community will be officially notified about the newly added operator.
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Hi, I’ll tune my proposal later. Thanks.

UPD: Today I had maintenance on my eth’s therefore operator performance a little bit down. Need some time for node stabilization.
UPD: Data center information: cloud, Hetzner, Nuremberg, DE (changed)

UPD: for now Performance is 99.73%

Hi @BenAffleck ,
Looks like the “DAO Curated Node Registry - Verified Operators” proposal was passed. Great news.
So I have a question about Mechanics and 3rd point: “The proposal should then be submitted to a 7 day vote period on Snapshot 14”

  1. After 7days should I submit my proposal in snapshot by myself or it could be done only by the team member.
  2. If myself, as I understood I need to have 100 SVV (I have) in my wallet to apply my proposal?

Second Round of Primus testnet began with 99.92% :rocket:


@Diter You might consider some live chat with the community so people can get to know you.

Hi @alonmuroch you are right. I’m open for conversation with all community. At least verified operators have own channel in SSV discord, it’s a best place to live connection with community, so I’m trying to get there. Anyway I check forum and discord everyday and make my best to help community and answer questions.
BTW, I have updates about my operator and my overall viwe to the SSV.

  1. I have moved my operator to the new eth-stack (geth+lighthouse) at the same machine (potentially dismiss network gaps/lags in the network). After this move peak performance was 99.98, right now due to lags (false inactivity) performance is 99.71.
  2. I ran an operator “ValiDiterOPS” for tests purposes. Have to check security tools and I plan to run another eth-stack to compare stability and reliability of my sets to go in production with the best one.
  3. My team is growing now we have 5 devops/netops/qa engineers, so you should know we are serious about our plans and we believe and want to be a part of your plans.
    Keep in touch.
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Thank you for your proposal. Voting will start today at 12 PM UTC. proposal: Verified Operator Request [ValiDiter] (

Good luck.:four_leaf_clover:


We didn’t reach the required quorum, so we do another submission. Voting is now open: proposal: Verified Operator Request [ValiDiter] | rev. 2 (

Good luck.:four_leaf_clover: