Verified Operator Request [Alabai]

  1. Company/requestor name - Alabai
  2. eth1 client - Geth
  3. eth 2 client - Prysm
  4. Data center information (Contabo VPS L SSD, location: Nuremberg,)
  5. Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission: 0
  6. Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission: 23 (ssvexplorer)
  7. Alabai’s background: I am developer and spend more time for investigate new technologies. I have started interested blockchain industry 7 month ago. I have started to learn new approaches and participate into different communities and 4 month ago(middle of November 2021 year) I read about SSV project and decided to join this community as operator and help to grow. I have experience in the different test-nets, participate in the different development and DevOps activities. For 3 rounds my productivity is above 97.19%
  8. I commit to timely updates of my node less than 24hours
  9. I commit to notify validators and network participants about a planned downtime at least 48 hours in advance.
  10. Everyone can reach out me: discord(Verem#0857)

Why Prysm and Geth? We already have many verified operators running this combination.
Everything else looks good, nice job :+1:

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Thanks for the question. When I decided install the operator I have investigated some tutorial NodesAndClient and the SSV github. Every clients has own advantages. I compared all of this where I looked on the languages, network, sync strategies after researched I decided to choose those pairs of clients

you copied my request text before. and you started voting.

based on your behavior, ı personally do not approve of you being an verified operator.