Verified Operator Request [Hellman]

Company/Requestor : Hellman

Eth1 client : Geth

Eth 2 client : Prysm

Data center : Cloud Aliyun / Silicon Valley, USA(changed)

Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission : 0

Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission : 328 SSV Network Explorer

Explorer : e4edcb950ee9f4a4f89dde5e9b74b615c04f21f204884bc53ffe2bebbcea4b93

About Us:
Hellman is a Web 3 research institute focusing on Dao, NFT, ETH and layer 2, and is actively involved in POS project. Hellman has participated in pools and research such as Solana, Filecoin and Swarm, and has rich experience in POW and POS pools. And now we are actively involved in SSV project.

Twitter :

If you have any questions, you can contact us.
Discord: MMT | Join in our operator#8361

Finally, thank you for reading! :grinning:

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When you opened this thread 2 days ago, there are 117 validators. now 318.

I’ve been following your operator since the day you opened the proposal. And I can tell you that strange things are happening these days.

Valdiators that pick your operator first usually choose these two operators with you: Wakingdead, Zombie

I think there is a connection between the names. Hellman, Zombie, Wakingdead. which makes me think you added validator. No problem until this part.

Another point that caught my eye: I monitor the behavior of validators and wallet addresses that choose your operator.

There are only 3 transactions in total and they are all newly opened wallets.

Where do they get 32 GoerliEth?
All of them jointly supply from the same wallet.
Not even from a wallet, but from a contract address:

I see this contract address name is BulksenderProxy.

Actually, the problem starts here.
There is something you don’t know.
The only way to get 32 eth for validators added as of Jan 17: SSV Deposit bot.

Such a decision was made because there was too much goerlieth abuse.

If you want to earn more rewards please make sure your validators only get goerlieth from SSV deposit bot.

Otherwise, it makes no sense for 200 validators to choose your operator in 2 days.

Currently, even the best operators in the network are chosen by a maximum of 10 validators per day.

Please make sure you read and understand the rules of the testnet.

Happy Validating!

Thank you very much for your attention, our response is as follows:

  1. We are active contributors to the network: writing articles/building nodes/following community rules, and more in the future

  2. We deeply understand the incentive mechanism and clearly know that the test geth received by the official discord bot can be rewarded, which has been recorded in our article ( Hellman: Analysis report of SSV Incentivized Testnet Round 1 | by Hellman | Feb, 2022 | Medium ), we have absolutely no intention of defrauding incentives

  3. We have been following the Ethereum network for a long time and have a large number of test tokens. We just want to test the stability of our own nodes

  4. We have recently added a large number of validators in the test network. By adding a large number of nodes to test our own service capabilities, such as server traffic consumption, bandwidth requirements, etc., there is no intention to destroy the test network. This is done because the ecological validators are limited

  5. At the same time, we believe that SSV team hopes to allow more people to participate under the premise of a more stable network

  6. We have a deep understanding of the SSV network and its important role in Ethereum. We think that what SSV is doing is very meaningful. We are willing to become the builder of the SSV network.

If the official does not allow the use of those geth, we will no longer use it, above.

@BenAffleck Wonder if we can turn on snapshot voting now? In this way, we can better promote SSV. If there is any material that we need to add, please let us know.
Our website:

Thank you. The previous requests didn’t reach the minimum quorum. There is a high chance that this happens again. We work on a plan to have more participation. Please stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.

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Thank you for your proposal. Voting is now open. proposal: Verified Operator Request [Hellman] (

Good luck.:four_leaf_clover:

Thank you very much :grinning: