Verified Operator Request [NodesBusters]

# Company/Requestor:


# Eth1 Clieht:


# Eth2 Client:


# Data center information:

Contabo - USA

# Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission:


# Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission:

6 validators (SSV Network Explorer - SSV Network Explorer)

# About me:

I have been in IT space for my entire career, most of the time acting as delivery manager. Around 2years ago, I started to manage a dedicated group of devops engineers serving as shared resources for several enterprise-level IT projects simultaneously. Almost at the same time, my curiosity brings me to crypto space, where, after a few months of reading and researching, I have focused on validation and node running (mostly because it correlates with my office job).

I have not built a dedicated team in crypto space yet, but already participated in various validation-focused testnets, latest ones are Pontem, Aptos, Archway, and Celestia. Since last December, I have joined as an SSV operator with an average 98% performance (99% + for the last 2 ROUNDS in incentivized testnet).

I can guarantee a dedicated server, proper updates with prior notification, support, and actual announcement.


In additional to said above i’d like to mention, that I run validators in other several Cosmos-based projects and for L1 blockchains - Aptos.