Verified Operator Request [CyberNode]

Company/requestor name:CyberNode
eth1 client :geth
eth 2 client :Nimbus
Data center information Contabo – Germany
Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission :0
Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission 59

About us.
CyberNode has a professional team that can respond in a timely manner.
The team has professional background, engaged in the construction of large transaction systems, with more than 6 years of blockchain development experience, and is proficient in using all of the ETH-related test networks. For other mainstream public chains, we are able to develop them skillfully. The team has also developed wallet systems and has extensive experience in wallet maintenance and can solve unexpected problems. We are also operating POKT nodes.
Our technical ability is excellent: all team members have more than 10 years of development experience, and have rich experience in technology development and server maintenance. We also have our own monitoring and alerting mechanism, so we will get information and give feedback in a very short time when problems occur in the nodes.
The enthusiasm of the team: The team members are all blockchain enthusiasts and willing to contribute to the blockchain industry.
Our performance: In the ssv incentive test, we stabilized in the fourth and fifth rounds, with a pass rate of 99.53% in the fourth round and 99.99% in the fifth round, and the current pass rate is 100%. In order to ensure the pass rate we added a redundant system to ensure that the backup wallet will start when there is a problem with the wallet to ensure that the system works properly and provide services to users.

We commit to timely updates of my node
We commit to provide basic support to network validators in Discord (or any other channel of your choosing)
We commit to issue a postmortem in case of node downtime of over 12 hours
We commit to notify validators and network participants about a planned downtime at least 48 hours in advance
We commit to maintain and update our operator page to make sure stakers are able to make informed decisions about my service.
Discord: Francis#5266 | d9p9#2471

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Proposal can be found here on Snapshot