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SenseiNode is the first blockchain infrastructure provider in Latin America, our validators will be deployed in different countries of the region with local data centers that provide us with high availability and reliable infrastructure to install bare-metal machines. We do have fall backs and other monitor tools in Latin American cloud-providers like Maxihost and Tigo. The countries we currently operate in are: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico. We also have the possibility to deploy new servers in Paraguay, Colombia, El Salvador and many other smaller countries of the region.

For our beacon chain staking infrastructure we have created a multi server architecture that guarantees the isolation of the validating nodes. Our Beacon chain Nodes are connected to our own managed Ethereum Mainnet nodes that run behind a Load Balancer, as a backup we have Infura in case of failure. Our monitoring system checks that the beacon node is in sync and that the resources of that machine are sufficient to run the node smoothly.

Our beacon node only allows connections from our validator node that is run on a different machine. For beacon and validation nodes we use Prysm or Light-House clients. The validator is also monitored and an alarm is sent to our Devops team if there are any missed attestations or slashing.

Number of main-net validators at time of proposal submission:

41 Validators on Ethereum Beacon Chain Mainnet.

We also are infrastructure providers with deployed validator nodes on blockchains like: Avalanche, Cosmos, Kusama, Polkadot , Helium.

Number of test-net validators at time of proposal submission:

We have 2 operators on the SSV Network testnet and 3 validators currently operating.


SenseiNode Operator
SSV Network Explorer

SenseiNodeCar Operator

SSV Network Explorer


Sensei Validator 1 - SSV Network Explorer

Sensei Validator 2 - SSV Network Explorer

Sensei Validator 3 - SSV Network Explorer

About Us

We drive the decentralization of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America with a simple, scalable and secure node management platform. Our nodes provide enterprise level availability, distributed on leading hosting facilities locally on each market.

SenseiNode is the first industry-grade blockchain infrastructure provider in Latin America. We have partnerships with global, regional and local data centers and have automated the deployment of nodes of all the leading blockchains, we are also setting up an online marketplace so that developers and hobbyists alike can spin up their nodes in minutes.

We also believe in a crypto-friendly financial system for Latin America and for this reason we have developed an industry level API for institutions that wish to provide their clients access to the limitless possibilities of blockchain technology without the hassle of dealing with an in-house infrastructure.

At SenseiNode we have the mission to build the backbone for a decentralized Ethereum’s network in Latin America. Beyond setting nodes across the central and south countries in the region, we want to be supporters on the task of building the paths for real adoption at retail and enterprise level.

About our work and capabilities

  • We are Node Operators, Community Builders, Crypto Educators and Senior DevOps with 15+ years of experience overall, and 5+ years in the blockchain infrastructure service.
  • We have worked deploying nodes and running reliable infrastructure for blockchain ecosystems like Avalanche, Algorand, Ethereum, Cosmos, EOSIO-based and Graphene-based networks.
  • SenseiNode’s infrastructure serves as the first institutional-level provider in the Latin American region, which is greatly important to attain true decentralization and lowest latency possible.
  • Our infrastructure is deployed around regions with low representation of nodes like Argentina, Mexico, Chile and Brazil.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Hey, what’s your Discord handle on the server?

Hi, Im Alberto from Sensei Node, on discord AlbertoOnChain#4138

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