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Self hosted Eth1 client:


Self hosted Eth2 client:


Infrastructure information:

StakeUp is dedicated to high availability and stability to deliver the highest rate of return for our stakers. We utilize multiple providers with automatic failover for our production environments. We also build our infrastructure on Kubernetes clusters with automatic service healing and service uptime management. We take security seriously and build in security policies across our infrastructure.

For our SSV infrastructure we run a Geth Ethereum 1 node. We also run LightHouse as our Ethereum 2 beacon chain node. Both of the Ethereum nodes as well as the SSV Operator node run as Kubernetes stateful sets & services. Security policies are in place so that network access is only allowed as needed between these components. All other traffic is denied by default. We also utilize Grafana graphing and alerting to monitor performance and react quickly to issues as they arise.

Number of validators at time of proposal submission:
We run a top 100 validator node on the RadixDLT mainnet.

Number of test-net validators at time of proposal submission:
10 Validators on SSV TestNet V1.

StakeUp SSV Operator

About Us
StakeUp is a non-custodial staking service that allows cryptocurrency token holders to earn passive income by staking to our service. While StakeUp LLC was officially launched in early 2022, it was also a part of the mainnet launch of RadixDLT and joined it’s top 100 validators in September 2021.

With 20 years of experience in the Information Technology field, we’ve taken our industry experience and applied it to building a stable, highly-available, & secure validator & SSV operator platform. Cryptocurrency and Defi will return interest earning and wealth generation to everyday people. StakeUp is committed to building a secure and stable staking service that you can trust.

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