Verified Operator Request [TableStakes] v2


  • TableStakes

Self hosted eth1 client:

  • Geth

Self hosted eth 2 client:

  • Lighthouse

Data center information:

  • 4TB NVMe WD RED High Endurance SSD
  • 64GB DDR4 RAM
  • Intel(R) Core™ i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz
  • 1200/100 Mbps throughput via Tier-1 ISP

Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission:

Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission:

Test-Net Performance:

|ROUND 2|99.91%|
|ROUND 3|100.00%|
|ROUND 4|99.97%|
|ROUND 5|99.99%|

About Us

TableStakes offers non-custodial staking and consulting services. We are committed to ensuring the highest standards of excellence when it comes to building and operating infrastructure to maximize security & uptime.

Benefits of staking with us:

  • Truly Non-Custodial – you retain control of YOUR assets, we just manage the technical part
  • Easy to Use – we aim to make ETH staking easy while reducing risk
  • Completely Secure – Zero compromises when it comes to security
    • Security updates for all components of the infrastructure (OS, node, execution, consensus) installed within 24 hours
    • SSH auth restricted to ssh keys, only accessible via VPN, and only via a random high port number
    • REST/WS/RPC APIs restricted to access only via internal endpoints (nothing exposed publicly)
    • At-rest encryption of physical volumes enabled.
  • Our nodes run on 100% DEDICATED, high-end, future-proofed physical hardware in a private secured facility with redundant power, UPS, and tier-1 network connectivity to ensure maximum up-time!
  • Monitoring and Dedicated support 24/7; reachable via multiple communication mediums (see contact details below)

#About me, my skills and responsibilities

  • I’m a Miner, Staker, Node Operator, open-source contributor, Crypto enthusiast / evangelist and Sr DevOps / SRE with 15+ years of experience overall, and 5+ years in the block-chain space specifically.
  • Participated in and/or particpates in many testnets / devnets, some of which include SSV, RocketPool, Gnosis/xDAI, Kiln, Kintsugi, & Ropsten
  • Contributed to many projects by providing buxfixes via PRs
  • Experienced running nodes securely & reliably always utilizing best practices for security and architecture
  • Experienced with and actively utilizes monitoring, alerting & logging analytic tools
  • Since the beginning in participation of the SSV testnets, we have operated two nodes with an up-time in excess of %99.95 and better (currently %99.97 on both nodes)
  • We are very responsible with ensuring security, performance, & up-time of our nodes while committing to timely security and software update as needed
    • We commit to deploy hard fork updates to consensus / execution clients at least three (3) days before said hard fork, if sufficient notice was given by EF and/or client teams
    • We commit to deploy maintenance releases of all clients (node/consensus/execution) in a timely manner
  • We are committed to provide personal level support to our stakers / validators and can be reached though a variety of means, some of which include: Discord, Forums, Telegram & LinkedIn. (contact details below)
  • We commit to issue postmortems in the event of unplanned outages of over 12 hours.
  • We will always try to notify our validators / network participants about any planned downtime at least 48 hours in advance
  • We commit to maintain and update our operator page to ensure our stakers / validators are able to make informed decisions about our services

Thank you for your consideration in this proposal!

Contact information:
Discord: DenverParaFlyer#9870
Telegram: @DenverParaFlyer

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hi, how is the client infrastructure organized? ETH1 and ETH2 clients are located on the same dedicated server along with the SSV ?