Verified Operator Request [MMS]


Eth1 client
Eth 2 client

Data center information
Hetzner private cloud
Storage Nodes:
5 x (AMD Ryzen 9 5950X / 128 GB DDR4 ECC / 20TB DC NVMe) in Ceph cluster.
Total 100TB DC NVMe @ 10Gbit private network

Hypervisor Compute Nodes:
3 x (AMD EPYC 7502P / 1024 GB DDR4 ECC / 2 x 3.84TB DC NVMe RAID-1) with PVE 7.1 on Debian 11.01 @ 1Gbit external network (10Gbit to Storage Nodes)

Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission
6 at this moment

  1. OASIS SCAN | Oasis Blockchain Explorer
  2. Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION
  3. Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION
  4. Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION
  5. Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION
  6. Grafana

Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission
~300 testner validators in our team

We are MMS team.
Our team consists of 6 Linux ninjas and 7 Linux juniors. In addition, we have 3 professional ambassadors and 2 SMM managers in our team.

Have been participating in SSV since September 18, 2021. Now we have 39 validators(but not all our, couple of validators use our operators).

  1. Brigantina Performance, last 1m - 99.09%
    SSV Network Explorer
  2. BRO Performance, last 1m - 99.59%
    SSV Network Explorer
  3. Baltica Performance, last 1m - 99.53%
    SSV Network Explorer
  4. Bonus Performance, last 1m - 97.47%
    SSV Network Explorer
  5. Titan Performance, last 1m - 99.69%
    SSV Network Explorer
  6. Yaped Performance, last 1m - 99.64%
    SSV Network Explorer
  7. Samba Performance, last 1m - 99.65%
    SSV Network Explorer
  8. Diana Performance, last 1m - 99.72%
    SSV Network Explorer
  9. Bugiman Performance, last 1m - 93.73%
    SSV Network Explorer
  10. BigBob Performance, last 1m - 98.55%
    SSV Network Explorer
  11. Terminator Performance, last 1m - 99.88%
    SSV Network Explorer
  12. Best Performance, last 1m - 98.14
    SSV Network Explorer

We work closely with the Oasis team on technological innovations in the field of network optimization and decentralization. We validate 6 mainnets and keep about 300 validators on public testnets and private testnets. We use a cluster on CEPH and for virtualization of undemanding testnets we use AMD EPYC 1024GB DDR4 ECC RAM, we also have a VDS with a GPU on board

We commit to timely updates of my node
Of course yes. Any network is important for us. we fully understand our responsibility.

We commit to provide basic support to network validators in Discord

We commit to issue a postmortem in case of node downtime of over 12 hours

We commit to notify validators and network participants about a planned downtime at least 48 hours in advance
Of course, this is normal practice.

We commit to maintain and update our operator page to make sure stakers are able to make informed decisions about my service.
Also, we have almost finished developing our website and webservices.

Provide an ‘emergency contact’ in your operator page so that the stakers are able to reach out in case of issues or downtime. Preferred platforms are Discord and/or Telegram. The respective channels should be owned and monitored by the Operator.

Alex - UTC +3
alexo | MMS#9025 - our main SSV worker
@alexo555 - his telegram
Daniel - UTC +8
lukfm | MMS#2154 - support/specialist
@hedcrab1 - his telegram
mr. Anon - UTC +10
@hash112358 - support/specialist

Thanks all, see you online!

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Looks good! :+1:
Pretty sure “Prater” is a testnet and not a consensus-layer client? Also, maybe switching to a different execution client would get you more success? We already have many verified operators running Geth.

Good luck on your proposal :pray:

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