Request for travel expense coverage for Prague Blockchain week + ETHCC for Dev. Evangelist

I believe it is important in my role as developer evangelist to represent the DAO at both of these conferences.

Both Prague blockchain week and ETHCC seem to be one of the main Ethereum conferences located on the old continent. It is strategically important for the DAO to communicate the advantages of SSV and growing the ecosystem before the planned mainnet launch in Q2/3, which makes it strategically important.
I have applied for 2 talks(“The endgame of Ethereum staking…:rocket:”, “DVT as :rainbow:LSD catalyst and future of Eth staking”) and a workshop(Launch your own decentralized :rainbow:LSD staking pool) at all of these events(ETHCC, ETHPrague, Prague DeFi, UTXO).

Both these events are explicitly listed in my hiring proposal and have been vetted by dLeaders.

I am asking only for reimbursement of tickets (if applicable, most tickets to conferences are free to speakers) traveling costs and accommodation at these events under the conditions specified in the proposal linked above.

The preliminary estimate is as follows:

  • Prague blockchain week:
  1. travel costs ~200 USD
  2. accomodation ~ 1750USD (7*250)
  • ETHCC:
  1. travel costs ~800 USD
  2. accomodation ~ 1250USD (5*250)

Estimated Sum:
4000 USD

All expenses shall be paid based on actual documented expenses and will be requested at the end of this trip. I request to get paid in $SSV tokens as per the terms in my hiring proposal. The expenses incurred are capped at the standard per diem rates according to the proposal.


Expenses were checked, approved and paid through this transaction: