DevCon Bogata ETH Global Hackathon Sponsorship Proposal


DevCon is the largest Ethereum developer conference this year organised by Ethereum Foundation. The hackathon will be organised by ETHGlobal, attracting hundreds of builders and teams to build projects for the Ethereum ecosystem.

We would like to propose sponsoring the hackathon in Bogatá as it’s the perfect opportunity to find builders for our ecosystem’s needs, offer grants, and build awareness of SSV. We will be sending 6 SSV team members to Bogatá to assist the organisation of the hackathon and expand SSV’s connections.

Introduction to the ETHBogatá Hackathon:

ETHBogata Hackathon Website

ETHGlobal is the world’s largest Web3 developer community. They have facilitated over 20 hackathons with global attendees from over 100 countries, been joined by 30,000 technical attendees, and reached over 250,000.

The sponsorship tiers are as follows:

Proposal Details

We propose that the DAO signs either the Pillar ($35,000) or the Presenter ($50,000) sponsorship package. These should give us the best return on investment - maximum reach to developers, a pipeline for the grants programme, increase SSV’s brand awareness and potentially even come up with new exciting and innovative directions that we haven’t thought of.

The main portion of the hackathon prize will be dedicated to areas that Grant’s committee deems a priority, including but not limited to:

A. ‘Testnet V2’ based staking pool implementations:

  1. Key generation and distribution to key shares
  2. Validator activation (beacon chain deposit & registration) & management
  3. stETH minting and redemptions
  4. Basic UI

B. Web2signer adapter for integration to an SSV node
An adapter that can be installed on the same machine as the Web3signer

  1. Sync operator’s validators event from contract
  2. Required configuration files generation for validators shares from events according to web3signer documentation
  3. Load the configuration to web3signer

Or, anything else that the budding builders can think of!

Vote on the hackathon sponsorship tier:

  • Pillar tier sponsorship ($35,000 + $10,000 prize)
  • Presenter tier sponsorship ($50,000 + $10,000 prize)

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Who’s in the event team?

There will be a total of 6 SSV team members in Bogatá:

2 DMarketing team members going to DevCon – Shad and SuperPat, alongside 4 Blox team members – Ariel (CTO) and 2 developers and Matty, leading the BizDev.


The hackathon sponsorship will cost $35,000 or $50,000 depending on which option the DAO decides to go after.

  • Hackathon sponsorship: $35,000/$50,000
  • Hackathon prizes: $10,000
  • Booth and Merch: $5,000
  • SSV Dinner/Socials at Bogatá: $1,500
  • Flights and accommodations: (covered by Blox <3)

Total budget: $51,500/$66,500

It’s worth mentioning that the budget requested here is a generous estimation of the total expenditure covering any potential rainy-day expenses, it is possible that not all funds will be spent during Bogatá. Any unused funds will be returned to the DAO after the conference.

We request the budget from the DAO’s multi-sig treasury and will work with them on reporting.


  • This is a ‘cost-effective’ way to create a funnel of builders.
  • It’ll be great to get hands-on with the types of people.
  • We start to make a direct and personable impact in the ETH ecosystem.
  • SSV will get a bunch of social buzz and marketing from the event.
  • We may find solutions we haven’t thought of!
  • More people to battle test the testnet!


  • There is always opportunity cost against spending this on our own Hackathon-type events or direct grant expenditures.
  • There is always a risk of failure, such that our challenges aren’t interesting and don’t gain attention, or none of the solutions provides what we deem to be valuable.
  • There is reputational risk if we don’t give prizes and bonuses because we don’t deem the solutions of reasonable value, whereby we may give out prizes to avoid ‘Bad PR’.

Vote on this proposal

  • Yes (in favour of this proposal)

  • No (against this proposal)

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support! Create and drive killer narratives to the world for SSV


I am for the proposal!
Excellent new acquaintances with developers, cooperation, promotion of the SSV project, advertising.
very cool!
Good luck, guys!


Awesome initiative! This will definitely get some eyes on the project, and could be the start of something big! :raised_hands:


Absolutely agree with and support this proposal! Let’s make great impact in the ETH ecosystem!


Hi everyone, this proposal is live on Snapshot.

Voting will start in 2 days (Aug 18, 2022, 6PM UTC)

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Nice!! Think this is both great for the product & overall community!

Is there any process set to evaluate the the sponsorship afterwards? Would be really nice to track and see how much new people / value / attention in brings

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Just to expand ssv’ influence? I don’t think it’s useful

This will drive awareness and maybe some utility comes out of it, i am all for it.

This Topic is now CLOSED.

425000 SSV voted YES to the $50,000 sponsorship proposal.

This has now been handed to the Grants Committee, myself, and select members of the Blox team to carry forward.

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Ethglobal hackathon was concluded last week. The DAO should progress with transferring 66,500 USDC to the Ethglobal address:

Note: the full amount due is 70K USDC and not 66,500 like originally indicated in the proposal.

–invoice att. below–

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