SSV Q1-2 Events & Hackathons


We are proposing the allocation of 160K USDC from the DAO treasury to Blox to be used as an offline and online event budget. The SSV DAO’s goal is to maintain and promote its autonomy and self-sustainability. Since the Blox team has already operated marketing activities and events in the past to promote the DVT use case, both offline and online, it would be the best choice to have Blox operate the following events mentioned below. The Blox team will oversee all sponsorships, marketing material, traveling and accommodation, and TBD side events.

Blox & SSV DAO past marketing achievements

Devcon Bogota was the first offline hackathon event attended by DAO members, community members, and Blox team leaders. The hackathon was a major success; we raised awareness of our mission and onboarded various builders to our ecosystem. Frens, one of the teams that participated in the hackathon, reached the final stage of the EthGlobal competition.

The 2022 notable offline events organized by Blox, participations, and stage presence:

A few additional notable Blox & SSV DAO co-organized events:


2023 is the year SSV goes to mainnet.

We need to increase DVT awareness to promote use cases as well as grow the developer ecosystem to make the technology more accessible for crypto users.

One of the best ways to raise awareness of our cause is through offline events. We will focus on ETH-centric, developer-focused events that will enable us to grow the SSV brand and enhance its developer ecosystem. The plan is to attend most developer-oriented Ethereum events globally. Blox team has the expertise and experience to leverage offline events for general promotional purposes as well as dedicated developer-focused activities.

Suggested Q1 Plan and expense items


Accountability & Deliverables

Participating in offline events and exposing to the Ethereum community has huge intangible significance for brand recognition, relationship building, etc.
For those that can be quantified, we’ll be focusing on clear deliverables:

  • Ethereum official event sponsorships (mid-high tier)
  • On-the-ground presence (prod, Mkt, Dev)
  • Booth design and setup
  • Hackathon prizes
  • Online and offline dev support for hackathon participants
  • Marketing material (SWAG) - Design and execution
  • Event operations, warm up marketing, follow up, and post-event marketing
  • Number of stage presences and live presentations/demos
  • Social media engagement post / during events - Growth overtime
  • Developers and projects joining the ecosystem
  • Operator teams joining the Ecosystem
  • Operational - travel arrangements


Team members will share updates, pictures, posts, and information during the event.
Following each event, the Blox team will share the following information in the DAO’s forum under this proposal:

  • Event summary report to be shared with the community
  • Event participation in number; notable meetings
  • Key takeaways and feedback
  • Videos and presentation sharing with the community

The information will be aggregated into a single report to be shared with the community following each event. Users and community members will be able to comment and request additional information and deliverables.

Mechanics & Operations

If approved, the DAO will transfer 160K USDC to the following ETH address: 0x935Cea9196a22E59934Aa036143dEDA0e482f3E4

All compensation should be made through the SSV DAO multi-sig. Funds are expected to be used for payments toward service providers, venues, sponsorships, production companies, and other associated costs.

For any event not performed, Blox shall return the funds to the DAO within 30 days following the end of Q2 2023.

Appendix - Event examples

  1. EthDenver
  2. EthTLV
  3. Encode Hackathons


Dates: 7 Feb 2023
Building Blocks - Side Event


Dates: 24 Feb - Mar 5, 2023.

ETHDenver is one of the biggest and longest-standing Eth events of the year. It is a Community-Owned Eth event that, over the years, has grown into a fully-fledged Festival.


‘ETHDenver is the world’s largest and

longest-running Ethereum #BUIDLathon event.’

Attendees for the ETHDenver #BUIDLATHON consist of students, developers, technologists, community leaders, education professionals, advisors, entrepreneurs, crypto-curious individuals, thinkers, and investors.


Sponsorship & Tier

Encode Online

Dates: End of March 2023.

Training web3 developers at scale.

  • Industry-leading education with the best protocols.
  • Free and global.
  • Help developers raise funding and get jobs.

Over 20,000 developers worldwide have gone through Encode programs.

Past Examples:

Event Structure (Ex)

  • 60-90 min Sessions
  • Live on Zoom
  • Uploaded to YouTube

Events 2023 resources

December Labs

If there are any additional events you believe the network should attend in Q1, comment on the proposal.


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