[DIP-16] ssv.network DAO community and marketing management proposal

Proposal summary

This proposal aims at presenting a more comprehensive approach to the marketing and brand vision for the ssv.network protocol and DAO, rather than ad-hoc solutions and efforts as done thus far. It specifies and tackles the questions of authority, responsibility, and ownership over assets, pertaining to marketing and brand.

It further presents a suggested work plan for 2024, including specific campaigns and various possibilities for costs and scope for the community to choose from.

Lastly, it determines that the services shall be provided by third parties (naturally, until the DAO has an in-house Marketing team), mainly the Core Team although far from exclusively, and that the Foundation shall be in charge of executing this proposal and overseeing the said efforts. The costs for this proposal are likely to amount to 270.800 USD.


Over the years there were quite a few proposals that tried to tackle the vision of the ssv.network brand such as:

  1. DAO Partner Program - Community Ambassadors and Moderators
  2. DevCon Bogata ETH Global Hackathon Sponsorship Proposal
  3. DAO Genesis Committee Formation
  4. DAO Contributor: SSV Chinese Ambassador (this proposal did not pass)
  5. SSV Q1-2 Events & Hackathons

Previous efforts targeted individual topics pertaining to branding, marketing, events and having the community highlight its most valuable members. This proposal aims further all of those topics and more by providing specific actions and areas of interest for the ssv.network DAO to focus on and develop. These topics are:

Proposal particulars

  1. Managed assets
  2. Marketing services
  3. 2024 Campaigns
  • Community Activation Program
  • SSV Ambassador Program
  • Events and Publication
  1. Operational Agreements

Managed Assets

All assets listed below are owned by the ssv.network DAO. The Foundation will assume control over all assets which are not currently controlled by the Foundation or the DAO, including its various committees and bodies.

  1. Websites: The central hub for project information and updates. These include but may not be limited to:
  1. Twitter Account: Spurs outreach, updates, and community engagement.
  1. Discord Server: The main platform for engagement of the ssv.network community interaction.
  1. Newsletter System: Utilizing Mailchimp for direct communication and updates.
  2. Blog System: Hosting content on Medium.com.
  1. LinkedIn Profile: For professional networking and connections.
  1. Google Analytics: Monitoring website traffic and user engagement.
  2. YouTube Account: For video content distribution.
  1. Domain Names: Various domain names associated with our project.
  1. Notion: Organizing internal documentation and project management
  1. SSV Network Forum: The main platform for governance related topics of the ssv.network community
  1. Snapshot: The governance execution platform for the ssv.network community for DAO proposals.

In order for third parties services providers to achieve the goals and provide the services listed in this proposal, access to some or all of the Managed Assets, or other assets owned by the ssv.network DAO, will be required. Therefore, the Foundation is hereby empowered and authorized to grant access to and permit the use of the Managed Assets to any third party approved to provide services pursuant to this proposal. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this proposal, “other assets” do not pertain to any kind of financial asset such as tokens, currencies or other assets not used exclusively for the purpose of this proposal.

This ownership reflects the decentralized nature and ensures that these assets are aligned with the broader interests and goals of the DAO. Access shall be provided to third parties services providers, and specifically to the Core Team, only to the extent necessary and practicable to achieve the goals of this proposal.

All future assets which will be developed, made, authored, or created, by any third party during and in connection with services mentioned in this proposal will be owned by the SSV Foundation on behalf of ssv.network DAO.

In cases where direct ownership by the DAO is not feasible due to security or operational reasons, the Core Team will attain or maintain temporary control based on this proposal, until the Foundation shall inform the Core Team it has completed all preparations necessary for the safeguarding and administration of these assets. This is to ensure security and effective operation until the DAO or the Foundation are ready to manage them directly, or until an agreed transition period has been completed.

This approach is designed to align with the principles of decentralized governance inherent to the DAO, ensuring that while third parties, including the Core Team, provide the necessary operational support, the DAO retains ownership and strategic direction of its assets.

Marketing Services

Below is a comprehensive list of marketing services necessary for the ssv.network DAO to obtain in order to effectively support and enhance the presence of the ssv.network and its DAO in the ecosystem.

The Foundation is hereby instructed to facilitate the signing of legally binding agreements to be provided with these services by third parties. If the proposal were to pass the Foundation is instructed to sign such agreements with the Core Team, following the passing of the proposal, and afterwards with third parties as well. This proposal, if approved, authorizes the ssv.network Core Team to provide these services until the ssv.network DAO decides otherwise or if terminated by the Foundation on behalf of the DAO. The services are as follows:

  • Social Media Management: Development of Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn for community engagement and professional outreach.
  • Website Management: Managing a user-friendly website with SEO-optimized landing pages.
  • Public Relations and Thought Leadership: Managing relationships with PR agencies and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), while actively positioning our ecosystem’s members, including Core Team and DAO contributors, on podcasts and guest shows.
  • Community Engagement: Active community engagement on Discord, including gamified activities that spur retention and involvement.
  • Event Management: Organizing a variety of events, including hackathons, online events and offline conferences around the world.
  • Co-Marketing with Partners: Collaborating with ecosystem partners for broader outreach and community reach.
  • Newsletter and Communication: Regular newsletters and transparent communication to keep the community informed and connected.
  • Ambassadors Program: Utilizing an ambassadors network to extend our reach and foster community support.
  • Swag Operations: Creating and distributing branded merchandise (swag) to the ssv.network community members, via swag vendors.
  • Brand Management: Crafting a consistent and resonant brand identity across all platforms.
  • Content Creation and Management: Produce diverse and engaging content to educate and captivate SSV’s audience.
  • Additional Initiatives:
    • Market Research: Keeping up to date with market trends and community needs.
    • Graphic and Video Production: Ongoing creation of media, videos, and graphics for campaigns and platforms.
    • User Experience Feedback: Gathering feedback to improve our platforms and strategies.
    • Analytics: Using data analytics to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

2024 Campaigns

The following is a specification of the marketing services mentioned above, structured as campaigns for 2024, as suggested by the Core Team. The Foundation shall assist the community with oversight over these efforts and facilitate comprehensive legal agreements with all relevant third parties, including the Core Team.

Certain programs might extend beyond 2024.

Due to the necessity and nature of marketing efforts, continuity should be guaranteed. Therefore, relevant third parties, including the Core Team, will retain access to the Managed Assets, continue to provide the Marketing Services, and maintain the 2024 Campaigns, after the end of 2024, until a new plan or proposal for 2025 is approved. Thus guaranteeing, the community and its members can have a cohesive vision for an extended period of time.

a. Community Activation Program


The goal of the Community Activation Program is to enhance community participation. This will be achieved by building upon a tiered system for community members, which will through completing tasks, ascend through tiers, facing new challenges and unlocking rewards, thus fostering an engaged community.

Set to launch in April 2024, this proposal’s section outlines the program’s structure and operational model from April until the end of December, aiming to establish a robust framework for community engagement throughout this period.


Cultivate a vibrant and engaged community by incentivizing participation through a tiered program.

Program Structure

Participants progress through tiers by completing meaningful tasks. Tiers are designed to encourage sustained contribution and community growth.

Tiers and XP Advancements:

  1. SSV HQ Initiate: The entry point for new members.
  2. SSV Trailblazer: For members who actively participate and are ready to delve deeper into community activities and DVT advocacy.
  3. SSV Pathfinder: Advanced members with vast knowledge and dedication to the SSV Network.
  4. SSV Community Operator: The highest tier, showcasing true dedication and loyalty within the community.

Operations Setup

Automated Onboarding and Tracking: The program will utilize automated systems for onboarding, task tracking, and reward distribution.

Platforms like Discord and Zealy/Galxe facilitate the management of participant progression, enabling efficient tracking of achievements and seamless reward allocation.

b. SSV Ambassadors Program


The SSV Ambassador Program aims to significantly enhance the ssv.network community’s outreach and engagement, marking a pivotal step towards cultivating a more decentralized and independent ecosystem. By the end of 2024, the goal of this proposal is to recruit 10 ambassadors to lead efforts in social media amplification, content creation, Discord community support, and initiating independent projects. This effort should underscore the commitment of the ssv.network to empowering community members, fostering a self-sustaining and vibrant network.

Application and Selection

Candidates express interest through a detailed application and quiz, highlighting their experience and envisioned contributions. A KYC process, performed by the SSV Foundation, ensures authenticity and commitment, while an agreement formalizes their roles and engagement terms. Comprehensive onboarding acquaints new ambassadors with our community, setting the stage for their impactful participation.

Performance Evaluation and Compensation

Ambassadors’ contributions are assessed regularly through their completion of tasks, engagement levels, and overall impact. A transparent and fair system rewards impactful contributions, recognizing and valuing each ambassador’s efforts.

Program Management and Ongoing Support

The program is meticulously managed, leveraging dedicated tools and resources to support ambassadors and track their progress. Clear guidelines and expectations ensure program effectiveness and ambassador success.

Onboarding Process and Additional Considerations

Ambassadors are welcomed into a structured onboarding process, encompassing everything from KYC verification to community integration and expectation setting. The program’s kickoff in April is just the beginning of a sustained effort to engage, support, and celebrate our ambassadors, facilitated by regular communications, information sharing, and community feedback mechanisms.

Resource Allocation

With a budget of $33,300 denominated in SSV for the 2024 fiscal period, the program is designed to maximize engagement and reward ambassadors generously for their dedication and achievements. This includes monthly compensations and a significant year-end bonus for the most outstanding ambassador, ensuring every participant’s efforts are acknowledged and valued.

This gamified and structured approach to the SSV Ambassadors Program highlights our commitment to a decentralized ethos, rewarding engagement, and paving the way for a more autonomous and vibrant community.

c. Events and Public Relations

The Events and Public Relations, as per the proposal, will be structured and administered by the Core Team of the ssv.network.

The strategy of the ssv.network focuses on leveraging key events and PR campaigns to enhance the project’s visibility, foster brand prominence, and showcase the innovation of the ssv.network within the competitive crypto landscape.


Events and PR are pivotal channels for promoting our project. By engaging in strategic events such as hackathons and conferences, and employing a robust PR strategy that includes articles, podcasts, and influencer collaborations, we aim to attract a diverse audience and establish SSV Network as industry leaders.

Operational Plan and Key Components

Events - General Plan and Scope: This outline provides a flexible framework for events and PR strategy. The specific events we participate in may change to align with our strategic objectives, ensuring optimal engagement and impact.

Events - Organic Speaking Opportunities: Pursue around 5 organic speaking opportunities every six months, offering significant visibility at no direct cost. Travel and accommodation for team members for these events will be covered by the core team’s budget.

PR Strategy: PR efforts aim to amplify the project’s progress, achievements, and milestones through articles, podcasts, influencer partnerships, and more, building a strong narrative and elevating the project’s profile across the crypto landscape.

Partnerships and Side Events: At each conference the ssv.network will also collaborate with partners to mutually produce side events, leveraging shared goals and resources for greater reach and efficiency.

In addition, small online events (with partners) are planned monthly throughout the year to maintain engagement.

Budget Considerations

The budgets provided are estimates, offering a general idea of the planned activities’ costs. Actual expenses may vary.

Budget Overview

Component Budget:

  • Side Events Production - 70.000 USD
  • Main/Side Events Sponsorship - 65.000 USD
  • SWAG & Merchandise - 13.000 USD
  • Guerilla Marketing Activities - 12.000 USD
  • Total Events - 160.000 USD
  • PR Budget - 77.500 USD

Total Budget: 237.500 USD

Planned Events:

  • EthDenver*: Networking, collaboration, and showcasing project advancements.
  • Paris Blockchain Week: Enhancing visibility and forging strategic partnerships.
  • Dappcon Berlin: Engaging the developer community.
  • EthCC Conference: Offering extensive exposure and community engagement.

Yet to be planned events:

For the latter half of the year, we’re looking into more events, as details from organizers are still forthcoming. We aim to finalize these plans by July. Main examples:

  • ETH Online: An online hackathon in August.
  • Korea Blockchain Week: a conference in September.
  • Token 2049: A conference in September.
  • Staking Summit: A conference in November (same time as DevCon)
  • ETHGlobal DevCon: An IRL hackathon in November (same time as DevCon)
  • DevCon: Both a conference and a hackathon in November (same time as DevCon)
  • ETHIndia: IRL hackathon in December


  • Foster networking and collaboration.
  • Increase visibility and brand awareness.
  • Engage and grow the community.
  • Showcase innovation and technological advancements.

PR Strategy and Objectives

Amplify project visibility across various media platforms.

Establish the ssv.network project as a thought leader in the crypto space.

Engage the community through compelling content and interactive opportunities.

This strategic plan presents a detailed and adaptable approach to utilizing events and PR for enhancing the ssv.network project’s presence and engagement within the crypto community. It carefully balances ambitious goals with practical considerations to ensure impactful and sustainable efforts.

Operational Arrangements

The SSV Foundation will sign one or more agreements with relevant third parties, including the Core Team, in order to further detail all of the actions/events/sums which will be used to meet the goals of this proposal.

Once signed, the Foundation is encouraged to publish the agreements, however the SSV Foundation may consider reasons not to publish the agreements and the discretion ultimately lies with it.

The ssv.network DAO, through the ssv.network Multi-Sig Committee, will make available to the SSV Foundation an amount equivalent to 270.800 USD only for costs arising from this proposal. This amount includes:

  • 33.300 USD for the 2024 SSV Ambassadors Program
  • 237.500 USD for the Planned Events of the Events and Public Relations section

If not spent the above mentioned amount will be retained by the SSV Foundation for future marketing efforts.

The above mentioned amount does not include the compensation of the Core Team for its services. The Core Team does not seek compensation for its services at this point in time, but it is expected to request compensation for its services later this year through a DAO proposal.

The SSV Foundation will guarantee the following:

  1. Any agreements with third parties will be non-exclusive. The SSV Foundation may sign such agreements with other providers for any or all of the services listed in this proposal.
  2. Third parties services providers may engage others for providing similar services, as long as these engagements do not constitute direct competition to the ssv.network.
  3. Third parties services providers are allowed to contract or subcontract third parties for any or all of the services listed in this proposal.
  4. The direct payment to third party providers for their services rendered under this proposal.
  5. It has a compatible and suitable level of IT support and cyber security service before assuming control of Managed Assets not already under its control.
  6. Administration of the ssv brand, including permitting third parties to use it. The SSV Foundation will grant the Core Team a free, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide license to use the ssv brand, which can only be rescinded by the ssv.network DAO through a proposal.
  7. The ability of the SSV Foundation to approve or reject the Core Team’s suggestions regarding:
  • Participants of the Community Activation Program
  • Ambassadors of the SSV Ambassador Program
  • Selection of Events and PR agencies
  • Engagements with third parties
  1. The SSV Foundation’s right to remove previously approved suggestions of the Core Team.
  2. The ability and the right of the SSV Foundation to fill in any details or rights that might be necessary to not block the operationalization of this proposal and its individual sections and services.
  3. The ability and the right of the SSV Foundation to terminate any or all agreements with the Core Team or a third party with a termination notice of 60 days. This does not pertain to the use of the ssv brand as noted in the section 5 above.
  4. The ssv.network DAO and any community member that holds 10000 SSV may submit a request to the ssv.network DAO or the SSV Foundation to be provided with information regarding any cost, action or information that is done or has arisen from this proposal. Such requests will be executed by SSV Foundation within 120 days. In order for the SSV Foundation to execute such a request the requesting person or entity must undergo a completed KYC or KYB check and sign a wallet message attesting to the holding of 100 SSV. The information provided by the SSV Foundation will exclude confidential information or information labeled as such by third parties subject to agreements signed with third parties.

Feedback and Iteration

The Core Team will continuously seek feedback from the community to refine and enhance the program, ensuring it stays relevant and effectively meets the community’s evolving needs.

Please note: This proposal is an overview and details may be subject to change based on community feedback and further development.


Great proposal. I think one of the biggest obstacles to SSV adoption is simply awareness. As I’ve seen with Rocket Pool, once the community is aware, it is followed by the desire for integration, and ultimately greater use.


I’m glad to see this proposal. SheFi included a session on stacking in the last cohort, and Obol did a workshop for the participants. Awareness is increasing, but still very low. For example, on Farcaster there’s no conversation about it, and only DivaStaking has an account. With it’s strong Ethereum community this is a lost opportunity.

I got a specific question around community analytics and community management. I’d like to know if there are already ideas floating around on more specific analytics, KPIs, or community engagement strategies.

Hey kbc! It’s awesome to see your enthusiasm and the valuable insights you’ve brought to the table regarding staking awareness and engagement within the community. Farcaster is indeed a promising channel, and we’re actively working on enhancing SSV’s presence there.

Regarding your query on community analytics and engagement strategies, we’re fully aligned on the need for precise metrics and robust engagement strategies. The recent [DIP-16] proposal outlines our comprehensive approach to community and marketing management, aiming to bring a more structured vision to our efforts. This includes the launch of the Community Activation and SSV Ambassador Programs, designed to boost participation and engagement across the ecosystem.

Both programs are currently in development, with more details to be announced soon. These initiatives are central to our strategy for 2024, focusing on fostering an engaged community.

Feel free to shoot any more questions you have. Our team is always here and happy to chat.

Dean Ether, SSV Community Manager

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Thanks for the reply.

Re: Farcaster
Let me know if you want help or who I can contact to learn more concretely what is planned. I have been using for a year.

Re: Community Analytics
Community analytics tool will focus on number of messages posted. Depending on the influx of members, this can be inflated and not representing the true SSV community. For Pocket Network, my team build a custom community and governance dashboard
(Pocket Dashboard). This nicely ties together the “softer” side of SSV (the community) with the “harder” (governance participation, token price, validators). Some of the information in this dashboard is pulled in from google sheet. We have the building blocks in place to offer a create dashboard, potentially including other data sources (e.g., Karma scores).

Our off-the-shelf dashboard (currently still free) focuses on community engagement. We’re measuring engagement as number of conversations and not number of posts. It would capture SSV Pathfinder and Community Operators.

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