DAO Contributor Proposal: Community & Event Specialist

Hi SSV Community,

This proposal is meant to provide a contribution to SSV DAO as a Community & Event Specialist.

If you have any suggestions regarding the scope of the engagement or possibly the compensation and other particulars I would be more than happy to discuss it here on the forum.


As the SSV community aims to be more decentralized and place everything in charge of a DAO and since SSV and its members aim to expand community activities and travel to different conferences and events to expand the exposure of the network, I believe that my skills and experience in organizing events, partnerships and communities may come useful for the network and the company.


As the DAO aims to grow its community, and as DAO ownership progresses, more people from the community will need to step up and try to cover many aspects of running a DAO. One of the aspects is handling community relations whether on socials or on communication channels, where I believe my experience and skills will be beneficial. As someone who has been managing, and developing communities and events for almost 10 years, I believe that the DAO could use someone like me to run the above-mentioned activities since there will be a need for someone to handle social handles and community in various ways once the DAO takes over.

As a DAO contributor who’d manage socials and community, I would aim to create guidelines, improve communication, collaborate with other community members specialized in marketing/design on creating promo articles and social materials, and manage day-to-day communications with the community.

On the other hand, while certain community members already attend certain events I would want to contribute by coordinating travel plans and organizing booths, venues, and vendors for the events that SSV plans to be present at. Such activities may include:

  1. Creating a calendar of annual crypto conferences and place a discussion for our community about what events are the most suitable in order to create a budget in a timely manner.

  2. Negotiating speaking and sponsoring arrangements for the above-approved events if the community is interested in such activities that could reflect on exposure to the SSV network and adoption.

  3. Organizing side events for the approved events if applicable. There are many benefits to having side events on one of the biggest events such as ETH Denver, Devcon(nect) or ETHcc.

Besides organizing events, I would be happy to help the community on a daily basis in any way possible. As we become more decentralized, we will need someone from the community to take care of the new people who join, whether they are seasonal dev, someone who just started, or someone whose main focus is something else other than development.

Relevant Experience

The main focus in my career was organizing events such as conferences and meetups, leading communities, and providing partnerships.

In the last 10 years, I worked as:

  1. Chapter Director for Startup Grind - Organized dozens of fireside chat type of meetups where I hosted various startups, VCs, and embassies (i.e. Deputy Ambassador for Israel - Itay Milner) to educate people on startups first hand whether it was a PoV from the startup founders, VCs or providing experience and expertise on improving startup ecosystem in a country where I hosted over 1500 people in total.

  2. Country Manager for Dash - Organized monthly meetups to educate people about Dash, crypto, and blockchain. Had amazing success introducing people to Dash where I had between 20-100 people per month joining meetups to learn more about Dash, ETH, and BTC while also teaching them various consensus mechanisms. Besides that, I’ve also facilitated partnerships with exchanges where people could use their public ATMs and their online platform in order to increase Dash’s exposure and utility.

I’ve also organized high-level conferences for over 200 high-level executives and government officials in order to introduce them to the potential of blockchain use in big corporations and governance. Attending companies included the US Embassy, the Embassy of Sweden, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the United Nations Development Programme, GoDaddy, Bitcoin Association, MTS, N1Info, World Bank, Societe Generale Bank, UNICEF, PwC, EBRD, and WWF.

  1. Community Manager for Crypto.com - Managed growth, and created community guidelines and processes while helping the company community number grow from 15000 people across Telegram, Reddit, and Discord to over 100.000 ranging between local and global users. While being involved with crypto I’ve also managed influencer outreach programs and partnership communication. I managed local and global communities for crypto.com, handled the UK community with over 5k people on telegram, AU & NZ community with over 2k people. Dealt with crisis management, translations, promo campaigns and writing promo & partnership articles while also managing influencer outreach programs for collaboration.

  2. Head of Community/Partnerships - Created community guidelines and processes, set up discord servers and all security and safety bots. I worked on identifying potential synergies, negotiating partnership agreements, coordinating integration efforts, and fostering ongoing relationships to promote interoperability and expand the ecosystem. Traveled to ETH and NFT events (such as ETH Barcelona, Devconnect AMS, ETH Dubai, ETH Warsaw, NFT Berlin and many more) to find partners for the security protocol testing.

  3. Aside from full-time engagements with the companies, I also acted as an advisor to DeFi and NFT projects, and I was a mentor at ETH Denver last year while also securing awards, nominations, and investment opportunities for the projects and companies I collaborated with.

Planned Contribution

  1. Keeping up with community requests and suggestions
  2. Act as a bridge between contributors and community members
  3. Keeping up with the network updates and timely informing community members
  4. Managing community and communications channels
  5. Creating and updating an annual travel conference spreadsheet for the community to vote on potential SSV attendance at the events on the list
  6. Creating travel plans and budgeting for each conference that’s been voted on.
  7. Providing and organizing merch, activities, and booths for conferences when needed.
  8. Organizing community getaway for our community to gather IRL
  9. Organizing offline hackathons if needed


My objective as a community and event contributor is to keep the community up to date with DAO news, organize events and present ssv.network in the best possible way to the current community members and newcomers. Some of the objectives include:

  1. Manage day-to-day communications with community members - As the community grows, I will communicate and be the person to contact with DAO/SSV related topics or information that are not tech oriented and help drive engagement on our communication channels making sure that all questions that may occur will be answered in a timely manner.

  2. Create social media posts and articles - In order to keep the community informed about the updates, progress, activities or partnerships, I will create social media posts and articles and share them on relevant channels.

  3. Educating and managing future moderators - Community growth is imminent. When that happens we will be in need of new mods that will help with day-to-day tasks and keeping the rest of the community up-to-date with all the events and updates within a SSV network. I can organize proper training in communication, problem-solving, and engagement once that becomes of need for our DAO.

  4. Identifying the purpose of the event - Summarizing the goal of our events in order to organize a proper event plan

  5. Finding the most suitable events - as a DAO we should be at events where we can organize side events and where we think our presence would be beneficial in order to attract developers, create exposure to our main target group and teach people about the ssv.network.

  6. Venue selection - After identifying events, my main goal is to find the most suitable venue in the nearest location to the event our DAO will be present. That includes brainstorming the event type, how many people shall be invited to the event, and identifying the best type of venue for the purpose within our budget.

  7. Organizing catering - For every event where/if catering is needed, I would be organizing suitable catering for our event whether is just a drink, food, or both if needed.

  8. Organizing ticket handouts - If the event is an open type, I would be developing a ticket handout for people outside of the community in order to attend if needed.

  9. Organizing photographer and/or videographer - As in any event, having a professional camera person is important for the marketing/social media team. I would be in charge of finding suitable people for our events in order to capture the best moments of our events with great photos and videos.

Work Commitment

This will be a full-time commitment (40h/week) and this relationship will last for 6 months. During the term of my engagement with the DAO and while receiving grants from it, I shall not work for any business, protocol, or DAO which is reasonably likely to interfere or compete with ssv.Network. During my commitment, I will work with the community to accommodate the best practices for our network in terms of organizing events, side events and providing necessary items to each of the conferences. My primary region and preferred time zone are Europe in the CET time zone.


All payments will be denominated 100% in ssv based on a 90-day trailing price average, calculated on the 1st day of the following month. Transfers shall be divided monthly and executed at the beginning of each calendar month for services rendered in the previous one.

For my engagement, I’m asking for compensation in the amount of $36.000 for 6 months for the duration of the grant paid in ssv under the conditions specified above (I would note that this amount will be reduced by approximately 60-63% for local taxes and benefits that I am required to pay). In terms of expenses, I would suggest an amount of $12.000 for travel expenses for 6 months period)

This will amount to a monthly payment of $6.000 for the full-time commitment and an additional $2000 for travel expenses for events I would need to be present at.

If the monthly travel total expense exceeds $2000, all the expenses from that point up to $1000 shall be covered by me for that month and/or it shall be covered by the travel fund. All total expenses below the total of $2000 for that month shall be added to the travel fund that shall be used to cover the additional travel expenses. The travel expenses shall be used to cover transportation, accommodation, food and expenses for other services that might occur during organizing events. If there is a surplus in expenses at the end of the 6-month engagement the remaining funds will be returned to the DAO unless the DAO passes a proposal extending my engagement. Daily lodging expenses are capped at the standard per diem rates according to the following databases: International | US.

Note: Any budgeting for marketing, merch, venue, ads, campaigns, speakers or promo materials and collaboration for any future events is not included in this proposal. All budgeting for the chosen events where our DAO shall be present shall be created and voted for in the new proposal dedicated to the planned event.

Acknowledgment and clarifications

As an applicant for a role within the DAO, I acknowledge and understand the effective compensated contributor guidelines (link to latest snapshot voting) and their impact on my role within the DAO. I appreciate the DAO’s commitment, and I am aligned with the DAO’s values and mission. I acknowledge that these guidelines can be changed at any time, are subject to the DAO’s voting and consensus process, and that continuous refinement is a key aspect of the DAO’s governance structure.

This engagement is not an employment agreement and does not create an employment relationship. As such, the contributor must cover their own tax, healthcare, and workspace expenses, and they shall not be entitled to any benefits such as a pension or health insurance associated with an employment relationship. The contributor warrants that all activities in the context mentioned in this proposal shall be put to the service of the DAO and the ssv.network, and not to any of its members to whom the contributor has no direct relationship or obligation. The contributor does not have the power to commit on behalf of the DAO and shall not present themselves as having such power.


Good day, @lad!

Thank you very much for your application.

My name is Ben, and I’m the DAO facilitator and coordinator. I’m here to collect opinions, align interests, and ensure such a role could be effective and efficient if voted in by the community.

Please allow me to collect more information and have the necessary talks. I’ll get back to you in the next 2 weeks. Meanwhile, we appreciate your activeness on Discord and the forum so that we can better understand your skills and abilities.

Thank you very much,

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Hey @BenAffleck!

Thanks for reaching out! Looking forward to hearing more from fellow community members about their thoughts and opinion.

Take any time you need and If you have any questions please let me know!

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