DAO Contributor: “Developer Evangelist & Integration Specialist”

DAO Contributor: “Developer Evangelist & Integration Specialist”


My intention is to apply as a DAO contributor to assist as a developer evangelist & integration specialist, with the goal of expanding the network’s developer ecosystem and removing existing and potential implementation blockers to ensure the ssv.network is easy and frictionless to integrate and build upon by other developers and operators.


I want to help bring forward a future where staking is as decentralized as possible. That means low barriers of entry for new participants. That means DVT and DVT means ssv.network.

ssv.network decentralizes the infrastructure layer on top of which Etherum staking can be built. In order to increase adoption, it needs to be well documented and include all relevant tooling and guides. It is crucial to make integrations as easy and smooth as possible for developers of staking applications and operators to adopt DVT as their infrastructure.

Why I’m fit for this role

My crypto journey

I have been involved with the Ethereum ecosystem on and off since 2016, mining, organizing Ethereum meetups and volunteering at Devcon4. Love the community, the values it represents, and the people involved. I have built and sold two small ecommerce businesses, the latter in 2020 and have decided to dedicate my time and energy to help bring forward the web3 revolution.

I have worked on liquid staking on and off since 2020, working on Tenderize – a liquid staking protocol for Ethereum tokens. I have led the team into Solana DeFi hackathon where we built MVP for liquid staking SOL token(currently marinade.finance, tvl: 5.4M). Left the team in 2021 to work on other projects in Ethereum space. I have been working on various smaller projects since (see next section), working on architecture, backend coding, tokenomics, looking into interesting projects and investing in the space.

Relevant experience

Why am I a good fit to become a DAO contributor?

My modus operandi is running & leading projects, being able to deliver and work independently. I have created and been responsible for technical documentation in all of the projects mentioned above and working with developers on implementing it. I think that my background in finance, mechanism design, tokenomics and building products are highly desirable as well. Also my experience with running Ethereum validator and coding skills although limited(JS, Solidity, Python, Vyper, Rust) are highly welcome here. The skillset of understanding the high level concept and taking a bird eye view combined with zooming in and understanding code & technical documentation would seem like what is needed here.

What will I do?

Documentation lead

  • Ensure continuous documentation of the protocol architecture and functionality.
  • Structure and refine the documentation funnel for developers and operators & measure their success.
  • Write & optimize technical integration guides for new & existing use cases.
  • Document, optimize and ideate new & existing dev tools through user feedback and usability testing.
  • Drive creation of user guides, tutorials, and walkthroughs of product components.

Integration Success

  • Developer ecosystem point of contact for any integration questions / pain points.
  • Fill in the gap between the core team and developers feedback.
  • On-going integration support to grant recipients and streamlining their feedback / issues to the grants committee and the core team.

Evangelizing + spreading the SSV gospel

  • Spreading the awareness of ssv in developer communities and within the staking ecosystem.
  • Helping with organizing and managing workshops and hackathons.
  • Driving discussions in the staking ecosystem of possible synergies with the ssv protocol.
  • Writing articles.

Rough plan of action for the next 3 months

  • Master my technical understanding of how the ssv protocol works and how our various users (e.g. staking pools & services) currently operate
  • Setting the infrastructure required to monitor and optimize the documentation funnel
  • Reviewing, optimizing and expanding current documentation through driving the creation of new guides, tutorials and tooling
  • Reflecting v2 release feedback in the documentation
  • Creating additional integration guides for missing use-cases
  • Refine the documentation funnel for specific use-cases and users
  • Enriching current integration guides with code snippets
  • Attend hackathons to raise awareness and support developer endeavors

Monthly reporting includes

I will provide reporting of my monthly activities that I perform in accordance with my goal & responsibilities & DAO needs. Reporting shall be done publicly to the DAO.

There will be areas of activities I intend to focus on the upcoming month along with activities I have worked on past month. These can change based on the DAOs needs.

Reporting sheet includes

  • main objectives for upcoming month
  • side objectives for upcoming month
  • recapitulation of past month work & objective
  • ongoing work

Travel Plan (Thus far)

  • Bogata ETH Global Hackathon
  • Oct 11-14 – Devcon 6 (Bogotá)
  • Dec 1-4 – ETHDownUnder (Sydney)
  • Other upcoming hackathons

Grant & Commitment proposal

Contribution Grant

All grants are denominated 100% in SSV based on a 7-day trailing average for the previous seven days, calculated on the 1st day of each month. Transfers shall be divided monthly and executed at the beginning of each calendar month for services rendered in the previous one .

  • For my time and efforts and to cover tax & healthcare & travel & workspace expenses, I’m asking a yearly rate of $156,000 USD

This would amount to a monthly payment of $13,000 (156,000/12) paid in SSV under the conditions specified above.


This relationship will last for 6 month. It will start with the approval of this proposal, and will cease after 6 months or at any time following a decision of the DAO, unless renewed by a positive DAO vote.

My Commitment

This is a full time commitment. During the term of my engagement with the DAO and while receiving grants from it, I shall not work for any business, protocol, or DAO which is reasonably likely to interfere or compete with SSV.Network. This does not include activities that are not commercial such as collaborating with the Ethereum Foundation.


This engagement is not an employment agreement, and it does not create an employment relationship. Accordingly, I shall not be entitled to any benefits (pension, health insurance/medical coverage, etc.) associated with an employment relationship.

I warrant that my skills in the context mentioned in this proposal shall be put to the service of the DAO and the ssv.network and not to any of its members to whom I have no direct relationship or obligation.

I do not have the power to commit on behalf of the DAO and I shall not present myself as having such power.

Operations consideration

All compensation in SSV should be made through the DAO multi-sig, which I am not and shall not be a key-holder of. If at any time either the DAO or anyone appointed by the DAO decides, by way of a vote, my services are no longer needed, I shall cease any action related to this engagement on the seventh (7) day following such decision. Grants shall be awarded until the said 7th day. The seven (7) days shall be dedicated to the transfer to a designated DAO contributor.

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@markoInEther thank you for proposing your time, expertise, and services to the DAO and its network.

Due to this being a non-working group position, we will have to vote on this as a DAO via snapshot.

We are working on a better process for this, however, due to there only being 1 DAO hire right now (Me), it hasn’t been at the forefront.

Therefore please may I ask you to create a ‘poll’ which you can do via the cog icon in the top right. We will then pass and batch this through into voting when the time comes. (I understand that I didn’t do this, we introduced it after I joined).

This to me looks like an excellent fit. You have serious and very relevant experience that seems to cover the full gamete of what it means to reach out and evangelise to developer networks, which we need in abundance.

I particularly liked your work on farming token models and the tenderize whitepaper. Do you believe there would be an interest/scope on your side to contribute this type of expertise, also?

@SpookyG , would love your feedback here on if we should continue to standardise a 90 day trailing or offer up unique options^ I think that overall we need some form of guidelines in the future so it doesn’t become messy.

Thank you @shadi for the feedback and for clarifying the situation!

Yes! Tokenomics / Mechaninsm design is one of my favourite areas of work, have already taken a look at ssv tokenomics and will be happy to work on related stuff for the DAO.

Have created a poll, something like this correct? If any chnges needed, let me know.

Onboard @markoInEther as a DAO Contributor?
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  • no
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Correct, please may you edit the poll into the OP post.

Thank you

Done. Please check, let me know if anything else.

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Looks like a very decent candidacy! I am up for it - __-

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:vertical_traffic_light: Voting is open, go vote:

DAO Contributor: “Developer Evangelist & Integration Specialist”

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Really happy to become part of the DAO!

Not seeing what you do can be worth $13,000 a month

May I ask you what you do every day? What has helped with the growth of SSV? The monthly DAO payment to you is not a small fee

Thanks for the interest @1212, I am working on the report for the DAO, will post it here in the next few days.

Hey everyone!
Here is the report of what I have been doing for the past for the DAO, happy to hear your thoughts on what else might be needed or I should be focusing on in the future.


Great job thus far Marko! I think your priorities are in the right place. It seems like you’ve already added a lot of value to the project, and I’m excited to see your future progress.

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Hey everyone!
Here is the report of what I have been doing for the past two months for the DAO. Since there was a lot of work in progress spanning both of months November & December I have combined the repot to include both ones. Currently most of my work is ongoing + long term (working with grant applicants & grantees) Going forward, I will do this report on bi-monthly basis.

Also I would like to highlight two major things. One is DVT landscape part 1 and the other Awesome SSV repository.

You can also follow me on twitter for more frequent updates regarding what is happing in the ecosystem.

Marko thanks for the update, I think it’s greatly appreciated by the community!

Love the awesome SSV idea, we should develop it more

Hey SSV tribe!

Here is the report of what I have been in January and February.

This past two months I have been focusing on two main areas. Helping the grant applicants make the best submission, working with our partners, grantees & grant applicants which I have been mapping in Developer Ecosystem update and Grants Ecosystem update and working in the tokenomics working group on moving tokenomics discussion forward. As a part of this effort I have created a SSV tokenomics analysis.

I have also represented the DAO at ETHDenver, working with hackers, partnering projects and potential partners and given a talk which should have a video coming out soon - DVT as a Catalyst for LSD Development, Presentation.

You can also follow me on twitter for more frequent updates regarding what is happing in the ecosystem.


Hey SSV Builders!
Here is the report for March and April!

The main focus for the past two months was to help grantees integrate v3 into their projects.

That included working with projects directly as well as creating additional resources to help them have a smoother process. Our mainnet is not-so-slowly approaching and I am trying to make sure that projects in the SSV ecosystem have all the resources they need.

These are both for developers building staking apps and also for new operators who want to set up their own SSV node.

You can check out the new public resources in the awesome-ssv tutorials folder, and especially the youtube channel, where I have created 8 new tutorials.

You can also follow me on twitter for more frequent updates regarding what is happing in the ecosystem.

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Hey SSV Builders!
Here is the report for May and June!

The main focus for the past two months was on working with grantees and helping them get ready for the upcoming mainnet!

I was working with them giving them feedback on their product, making sure their ssv implementation is sound and the edgecases are covered and their milestones are successfully fulfilled.

There is also a large stream of grant applicants coming in, whom I was providing feedback and helping them to have a great application and pass the grant process.

I was also creating tutorials to setup ssv node, node monitoring and building lsd-pool. You can see the tutorials linked in this document. New changes to our smart contract stack have been implemented and lsd-pool repo was adjusted.

I have also represented the DAO at three conferences, had a talk and a workshop there, both of which are linked in the document.

You can check out the new public resources in the awesome-ssv tutorials folder, lsd-pool and especially the youtube channel.

You can also follow me on twitter for more frequent updates regarding what is happing in the ecosystem.

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