Apply as a Delegate for SSV Network DAO

What is delegation?

Delegation is a mechanism through which SSV holders can entrust their voting power in snapshot to one or more chosen delegates. This is done through our SSV Karma Dashboard, which is a permissionless system so anyone can delegate voting power to anyone else and they can end that delegation at any time.

:bulb:To learn more about the need for delegation, read the announcement blog post here.

What is a delegate?

A delegate is any member of the SSV DAO community who has been elected to represent other token holders and vote on their behalf by delegation. Delegates are elected by token holders who choose to grant their voting power to them. Delegates are required to follow the protocols defined guidelines and must act in the best interest of the token holders whom they represent.

:warning: Delegation never involves the transfer of custody of assets but rather just the vote weight those assets represent in the Threshold DAO.

Expectations of a delegate

  • Engage in comprehending and offering input on governance forum articles, if needed.
  • Prioritize the DAO’s and the community’s interests when casting votes, avoiding personal bias.
  • Refrain from accepting personal incentives or favors in exchange for voting support.
  • Proactively participate in voting on governance propositions and provide the rationale for each vote.
  • Possess familiarity with the’s essential benchmarks and its surrounding environment.
  • Establish a strong presence by crafting a profile on the various platforms.

How to become a delegate in three simple steps?

Step 1

  • Go to and complete your Karma profile by linking your accounts and setting your delegate statement. See Ben’s Profile as an example. Linking Discord, Forum, and Twitter is mandatory.
  • Update your forum profile including a profile picture.

Step 2

  • Apply as a Delegate on this forum thread using the template below :point_down:

Step 3

  • Copy the link to your post and drop a quick message on the dao-discussions discord channel and announce yourself. Feel free to get creative.

Sample: “:wave:, my name is [NAME], please consider me to be your delegate. [LINK TO YOUR FORUM POST]. Ask me anything here on Discord."

Template (Copy/Paste)

Copy and paste the template below, fill it out, and post it as a response on this thread


My Karma Profile: [YOUR PROFILE LINK]

My reasons for being a delegate: [COPY/PASTE YOUR STATEMENT FROM KARAM]

Out of all past DAO votes…

…which one did you like the most and why did you vote the way you did?

…which one did you find most controversial and why did you vote the way you did?


Name: Ben Affleck

My Karma Profile:

My reasons for being a delegate:

My name is Ben, and I am running to be your next Delegate. With more than two years of committed service within our community, I bring a rich blend of experience, leadership, and a deep understanding of our DAO’s purpose and values.

In my journey here, I’ve embraced diverse roles - community manager, program lead, DAO facilitator, and coordinator. I’ve seen first-hand how our actions shape the trajectory of our DAO and how every decision brings us closer to our collective vision.

My versatility and holistic understanding of our operations give me a unique edge to represent you effectively. But beyond these, my drive is fueled by a genuine passion for our community, a passion to ensure that our DAO’s promise isn’t just upheld, but exceeded.

I believe in our ability to co-create, to innovate, and to disrupt. As your delegate, I vow to be the conduit for your voices, ensure your concerns are heard, and our actions align with our shared vision. Together, we will continue to drive SSV Network DAO to greater heights.

Out of all past DAO votes…

…which one did you like the most and why did you vote the way you did?

SSV x Blox grant proposal [Core Development Team Grant]
I’ve voted yes because it solidifies the relationship of the DAO and Blox. Having full control over the budget and with whom to partner, is a significant step to full decentralization and independence.

…which one did you find most controversial and why did you vote the way you did?

DAO Contributor: Chinese Ambassador of SSVNetwork
I didn’t vote because I couldn’t judge if the person did add value to the CN community, since I don’t speak Chinese and I don’t know the needs of the CN community. Furthermore, there was pushback from the Community during the AMAs on Discord.


Name: Marc

My Karma Profile: Delegates of SSV Network DAO

Hi, I’m Marc, co-founder of Blockshard in Switzerland, a verified SSV operator, and I’m running to be a delegate for the SSV DAO.

My reasons for being a delegate:

Deep Engagement with SSV: My journey with SSV started in 2022, prompting me to operate on the testnet. Additionally, as a member of the SSV DAO Grants Committee, I’ve gained deeper insights into the protocol’s potential, its challenges, and the unwavering dedication of its community. With this background, I believe I’m uniquely positioned to represent the community’s interests and propel the protocol’s vision forward.

Advocacy for Smaller Operators: As a founding member of the UnitedBloc DAO, I’ve championed the cause of smaller PoS infrastructure providers. I believe in a decentralized ecosystem where every player, regardless of size, has an equal opportunity. As a delegate, I aim to ensure that smaller operators are not only heard but also empowered.

Commitment to Decentralisation: The core principle of decentralisation is crucial for the integrity and long-term success of SSV. I’m committed to ensuring that as SSV grows, this foundational tenet remains uncompromised.

Representation of Less Vocal Operators: I recognize that many SSV operators, due to various commitments, might not have the bandwidth to actively participate in governance. As a delegate, I want to be their voice, ensuring their concerns and aspirations are addressed.

Experience in DAO Governance: While I’m still relatively new to the governance of the SSV DAO, my involvement with the UnitedBloc DAO has given me a foundational understanding of effective DAO governance. I’m eager to apply this knowledge to the SSV DAO, ensuring that decisions are anchored in transparency, fairness, and the best interests of the community.

In essence, my desire to be a delegate stems from a deep-rooted passion for SSV’s potential and a commitment to ensuring its success in a decentralized, inclusive, and transparent manner.


Name: 01node Validator

My Karma Profile: Delegates of SSV Network DAO

My reasons for being a delegate:

Hello SSV Community :wave:,

This is 01node Validator, a high-quality Staking and Validation service Provider. We are eager to join the SSV network DAO as a Delegate. In our journey as a Blockchain Validator, we believe that our background, skills, and commitment to the DAOs mission, coupled with our experience as a validator on SSV, make us a uniquely qualified and dedicated candidate for this role. Below, we outline our reasons for seeking this opportunity:

Alignment with SSV Network DAO’s Mission: The SSV DAO’s mission resonates deeply with our own values and aspirations for the blockchain space. we are committed to the principles of decentralization, security, and community-driven governance, and we are eager to contribute our skills and expertise to further this mission.

Technical Expertise and Commitment to Governance: With our involvement in the testnet, our goal is to bring these insights to the mainnet and continue refining and adapting governance structures for optimal efficiency.

Commitment to Decentralization and Transparency: We are a strong advocate for decentralization, transparency, and community-driven governance, which aligns with the principles of SSV.

In conclusion, as said earlier, our experience as a Testnet validator for the SSV network, coupled with our technical expertise and governance acumen, uniquely qualify us to serve as a Delegate for the SSV DAO. We are excited to contribute to the efficient decentralized governance of the SSV protocol and help shape it into a model of excellence within the blockchain space.

Thank you for considering our application. We look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with the SSV DAO community in achieving our shared vision.


Name: Fod

My Karma Profile: Delegates of SSV Network DAO

My reason for being a delegate:
I’m a long-time DAO contributor with the goal of making SSV maximally altruistic and as much of a public good as possible. I believe that I have the ability to support this goal as a delegate.

My DAO “political views”:

  • Altruism should come above all other objectives. Let’s serve the Ethereum ecosystem and the world as best we can. This does not mean that blind generosity or ignorance to the fundamental requirements of a viable business should be neglected, but altruism is not just the “right” thing here… it can also be our greatest point of leverage.

  • Minimize staking costs; make strong decentralization inherent to and rewarded by the protocol; make SSV accessible and easy to use for all.

  • Market share > per capita value extraction. Create market value indirectly by maximizing value and utility for the user.

  • Leverage our strengths… hard. SSV has massive competitive advantages on several fronts (e.g. economics, tech, altruism). Let’s use them.

More about me:

  • I’ve been around since the beginning of SSV, wearing many hats and contributing part-time wherever I fit in:
    —Served on grants, multi-sig, and DAO genesis committees.
    —Work in tokenomics, community and DAO management, market development, marketing, etc.
    —Member of SSV’s Partnership Program
    —Will be running both an operator and my own validators on SSV
    —Voted in every single proposal in SSV’s history (over multiple addresses).

  • Deep technical background and mathematical perspective. PhD in mechanical engineering, AI researcher, software dev. Usually pushing everyone to view the protocol mathematically as a dynamic system, and using that as a basis for applying a decision-theory approach.

  • In crypto since 2011 and have experienced it all.

  • Attracted to SSV because of its massive altruistic potential, its technical brilliance, and the huge number of amazing people here working on it.

Out of all past DAO votes…

…which one did you like the most and why did you vote the way you did?
I voted yes to this proposal, which created the SSV grants program and kicked off an aggressive strategy to rapidly expand the protocol’s ecosystem. In my opinion, this program has been massively successful and an excellent use of the treasury.

…which one did you find most controversial and why did you vote the way you did?
I voted yes to this proposal, which hired the first official employee of the DAO. At the time, our community had many people doing amazing work, but everything was on a volunteer basis. The devotion of these users was admirable, but the obvious limit to their time and commitment was hindering the growth of the community and leaving many valuable opportunities neglected.

Some believed that the DAO should depend solely on these volunteer contributions, but I saw formal compensation as a critical piece of the DAO’s operation. This proposal indirectly enabled the formation of several important working groups and the hiring of some incredible staff, ultimately laying the foundation for what the DAO is today.

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Name: RockX

My Karma Profile: RockX

My reasons for being a delegate:

Hi SSV Community,

RockX is a global blockchain node network and gateway for users to seamlessly access Web3, offering institutional-grade solutions and a full suite of developer tools for users to stake and build on all major Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

With over USD 1 billion staked in cumulative token value since 2018, RockX is one of Asia’s leading staking platforms, offering institutional clients new ways to do more with their crypto

Long-term Support of SSV DAO: We have supported SSV DAO and have been a member for years. We invest in 2021.

Institutional-Grade Staking Provider: Our infrastructure is developed to institutional level reliability, stability, and transparency. With a perfect slashing history, and uptime of 99.7% we are confident we can support SSV to grow. We also work with DVT, DKG, and MPC technology, while also incorporating fail-safes and 24/7 monitoring.

Built dkg for SSV: We worked with SSV to develop DKG tech specifically for this ecosystem.

Active Voting: As an active member of the SSV DAO, we have been involved in governance voting, and look to make a positive impact on the future of this network by supporting positive proposals and developments.

We look forward to working with other DAO members and the wider community to support, grow, and develop the SSV network.

Thank you for considering our application. We look forward to the opportunity to actively support the SSV DAO community.




My reasons for being a delegate:
The name is Steve, and I’m a highly dedicated individual with a strong passion for community driven networks. I’m here to be your voice in the DAO, representing your interests and concerns. My proven skillset includes community management, community building, and marketing, which I’ll leverage to support and strengthen our network. With your tokens, I’ll work tirelessly to ensure our community thrives and grows. By delegating to me, you’re putting your trust in an experienced advocate.


Even though I recently joined the DAO, I have made important contributions. My proposal addresses the issue of role concentration within the DAO

While some prominent members of the DAO have pointed out a lack of involvement, I have also noted that there are qualified and suitable candidates available, but the problem lies in the lack of awareness about these roles.

I’ve suggested immediate solutions to this problem, including:

  1. Hosting AMA sessions with the blockchain community.
  2. Implementing performance marketing strategies.
  3. Engaging with Twitter influencers and publishing blog posts on platforms like CoinTelegraph.

Initially, I had no formal interest in becoming a delegate. However, several factors have changed my mind:

  1. A decision to pause the immediate implementation of the marketing committee.
  2. After a brief conversation with FOD , I’ve realized that the DAO lacks a formal compensation framework. so at the moment i will been working with fod and others behind the scene to see for a proper construction of the marketing commitee and when we are done and the dao is at a point of needing a marketing comittee we will surely involve the community and everyone interested

As of now, I’m applying for the grant committee role. Since I’m unsure when I’ll receive a response regarding my application, I don’t want to remain idle. Given that the DAO requires an active delegate, I am stepping forward.

To address any potential conflicts of interest:

  1. The marketing committee is on pause.
  2. My application to join the grant committee is still pending, and I haven’t received any feedback.
  3. Currently,this will be the only role i will handle in the dao at the moment.

I am committed to contributing actively and positively to the DAO

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Name :

My Karma Profile :

My reasons for being a delegate: launched in 2018 with a mission to positively influence the development of PoS technologies. Since our launch, we have grown to manage 1,9 billion USD in staked assets across more than 50,000 investors and 50+ unique blockchain networks.

Experienced Staking Provider: With a wealth of experience in staking services across multiple blockchains, our team brings institutional-grade reliability, proficiency in DVT, and a commitment to maintaining optimal uptime. Our robust infrastructure is constantly recognized for top-tier performance.

Contributions to SSV: Our collaboration with the SSV community has led to the development of DVT Staking API, a cutting-edge technology tailored for institutions. Our goal is to provide a seamless integration for all the institutions that want to stake their assets using DVT. With a focus on the institutional flow, we aim to reduce all the friction for the SSV management fees and SSV smart contract interactions.We are eager to continue our collaborative efforts with the SSV community, and other DAO members, and contribute significantly to the evolution of the SSV network.

We appreciate your consideration of our application.


Name: ThomasBlock

My Karma Profile: Delegates of SSV Network DAO

My reasons for being a delegate: I am a fulltime node operator and validator for several blockchain projects with my own high speed bare metal servers in a german datacenter.
I run SSV validators, have invested in SSV Token and successfully participated in SSV testnet liquidations. I am also interested in becoming a verified operator.

i also voted on the last proposal: Snapshot

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