SSV Developer ecosystem update 2023/02

Hey Everyone, I have created this developer ecosystem updated for the community. All these information is public, but think it is valuable to have this information all in one place.
Any feedback welcome. I have also published the same document to my hackmd.

SSV Developer ecosystem update 01


Awesome-ssv developer playground

Introducing an awesome-ssv playground where you can spin up a working LSD in minutes and find useful dev tools.


  • Overview of solutions build on ssv that will help you build
  • Minimalistic staking pool
    • smart contracts - to pool ETH, mint LSD
      • ssvETH LSD
      • Staking pool
    • Backend - python script
      • To monitor staking pool
      • to generate & split & deposit & activate validators
    • Frontend
      • To quickly iterate / test

What can you do with it?

  • Test your own flavour of LSD
  • Explore new innovative uses of SSV
  • Create your own LSD flavor or special SSV solution
  • Create a PR + push it and share it with the community


Node specification was released, making it easy for anyone to build ssv node

Node update, aligning the code the ssv node specification

Dev Resources

Maintained list of useful tools and repos

Validator key splitting / distributor (key shares creation)

Distributed (validator) key generation

  • Rockx DKG — frost based Distributed key generation (DKG)

Notification services

Staking pools

  • GARUDA - MIT | PY, SOL Staking pool, with backend bot handling validator creation, splitting, registration.
  • FRENS - community staking app, stake represented by NFTs

Staking services

  • Casimir - Decentralized Self Custody Staking and Asset Management for Ethereum and more
  • Blockscape Network — KYC-compliant Ethereum staking powered by SSV

Operator services

  • Stereum - a Node Setup GUI that build an easy SSV Network Operator Setup
  • ChainUp Cloud — ChainUp Cloud is an All in one SSV platform



$50 million DVT ecosystem fund has launched

Grants are going strong, predefined(LSP, SAAS) & micro & open & bug bounties

DAO Grants | SSV Network

Dates of note

02/24 - SSV Sponsoring ETHDenver Hackaton

Q1 (end of) - Launch of V3 testnet (Release candidate)

Q2 (end of) - Tentative mainnet launch


Thanks for the update!
What are the plans for the awesome-ssv repo? I think this could be a serious tool people will use

Finishing Fronted for it, then doing video tutorial. From there more like incremental improvements.
Also could be a good place to let devs experiment with different ideas and making different forks.

And making everything adhere to V3 contracts of course :slight_smile: