SSV x Onestar [SSV Key Distribution GUI]

Hello! We are experienced software developers with a strong background in web3 and years of experience in the field. We are part of the OneStar team working on the StakeStar staking pool for SSV. Furthermore, we are happy to report that the development of StakeStar is going very well, and you will be able to see our project on the testnet soon. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for updates!

We have a wide range of skills, including expertise in frontend, backend, and distributed and decentralized applications. We are excited to support the SSV network technology and product and contribute to the community.

What Are We Building

Our team is developing an open source, multi-platform graphical user interface (GUI) for distributing SSV keys. While a command-line interface (CLI) tool already exists, we believe that a GUI will be more user-friendly for some people, especially those who are new to the technology and want to avoid any mistakes while they are learning. Our main goal is to create a simple and straightforward experience for distributing keys to selected operators.

Ongoing Support

Our team is dedicated to providing ongoing support and maintenance for our project. We believe in the value that it brings to the community and are committed to keeping it up-to-date and running smoothly. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have, and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your support!


Stas - Linkedin

Roman - Linkedin


GitHub App Release Page

This amazing team built an amazing tool that will help stakers with onboarding distributed validators to the SSV network while keeping them comfortable and safe.

The SSV network webapp is currently undergoing upgrades in order to utilize this great tool.

The team will be receiving a micro-grant of 2000$ from the grants committee paid in SSV to their verified address for their work.

On behalf of community the and the committee thank you for your effort!

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