SSV x StakeStar grant proposal [Staking Pool]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee has approved the following grant request of the joint venture of spectrum-stardust-onestar-lux8 on 27.07.22:

Total grant: $100K

Payment terms: The grant will be paid in 50% SSV and 50% USDC tokens based on 90 days moving price average as of the approval date, re-calculated for every milestone.

Verified Payment Address: 0x32be3da4ef723751b07afad6f14349e819e7004f (Ethereum Verified Signed Message)

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:

—Grant Committee


Hello there :wave:,

Based on the agreed payment terms, the upfront payment of $10k (50% SSV, 50% USDC) shall be executed as follows:

To: 0x32be3da4ef723751b07afad6f14349e819e7004f

Amount SSV: 724.03
Amount USDC: $5,000

Decision date: 2022-07-27
90-day SSV token price: $6.90579



Hi everyone

On behalf of the OneStar team, I would like to update the community on the current progress.

So far we have completed Milestone #1 - LLD documentation preparation. With feedback from the SSV team, we have prepared a detailed overview of all the Pool components, their scope of responsibility and the tech stack we plan to use during the implementation phase.

We have slightly changed our initial approach and started work on Milestone #2 - MVP implementation even before the final LLD documentation was ready. The main reason for that is the active development of the SSV network and Ethereum chain. In such circumstances, we think it makes more sense to validate certain concepts and approaches in practice rather than trying to design the whole system upfront.

As a result, it took us a bit more time to finish Milestone #1, however, in parallel we have progressed with Milestone #2 - MVP implementation ahead of schedule. The MVP will include Eth deposits, validators creation and registration with the SSV network, as well as stats on APR, node operators, and the StakeStar pool in general. We hope we will be able to share a working web-app withing the next few weeks.


Hello everyone

On behalf of the OneStar team, I would like to update the community on our progress.

Our team has completed Milestone #2 - MVP implementation. This means a fully functional* StakeStar pool is deployed to testnet and available to the public. The StakeStar app now has all the components and runs on its own. That means smart contracts have most of the functionality, bots are running, and the Graph subgraphs index and contain needed information. Users can stake eth, new validators will be created and registered with the SSV network and so on. The application can be accessed at address.

Please bear in mind that the SSV testnet is currently paused due to undergoing reset and upgrade. The ETA for testnet relaunch is 15th of February, 2023. This means the StakeStar app will show a negative APR for now, which is completely normal.

We aim to update the application UI/UX within the next few days and deploy an initial version of the landing/home page. After doing that we will coordinate our efforts with the SSV team to start public testing. Details regarding the testing phase are to be posted to this forum soon.

*Unstaking (Withdrawals) are not available yet due to the testnet limitations. Validator exiting is not currently supported by the Goerli testnet. We assume that the Goerli testnet will be updated in the coming weeks to support missing functionality. After this happens we will update the StakeStar app to support unstaking.


Hello everyone.

I would like to share a quick update on the StakeStar project. Within the last two months, we have done two major updates to the StakeStar pool.

First, we have implemented Eth withdrawal functionality. That means the StakeStar pool has now a full set of functionality that supports staking, unstaking and claiming Eth from the pool. The withdrawal implementation required a re-design of the existing architecture since some technical details were revealed only after the Goerli Testnet upgrade.

Second, we have integrated the StakeStar pool smart contracts with the 3.0 version of the SSV smart contracts. This integration required some breaking changes since a new notion of the node operators cluster was introduced by the SSV team.

As mentioned above, we consider both updates to be a major change to the existing functionality/source code, and we are proud that we were able to accomplish them within just 2 months period.

As of right now, we have completed internal testing and we are inviting the community members to test the StakeStar protocol as well. Please follow the website link to launch the app. Please share any feedback, comments or bugs found here or on the discord server.

As a next step, we will be arranging the smart contracts audit and preparation for the mainnet launch alongside the SSV network.

Thank you!