SSV x StakeStar grant proposal [Staking Pool]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee has approved the following grant request of the joint venture of spectrum-stardust-onestar-lux8 on 27.07.22:

Total grant: $100K

Payment terms: The grant will be paid in 50% SSV and 50% USDC tokens based on 90 days moving price average as of the approval date, re-calculated for every milestone.

Verified Payment Address: 0x32be3da4ef723751b07afad6f14349e819e7004f (Ethereum Verified Signed Message)

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:

—Grant Committee


Hello there :wave:,

Based on the agreed payment terms, the upfront payment of $10k (50% SSV, 50% USDC) shall be executed as follows:

To: 0x32be3da4ef723751b07afad6f14349e819e7004f

Amount SSV: 724.03
Amount USDC: $5,000

Decision date: 2022-07-27
90-day SSV token price: $6.90579