SSV x XHash grant proposal [Institutional Liquid Staking]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee has approved the following grant request on 25.07.22:

Total grant: $50K

Payment terms: Fully paid in $SSV tokens based on 90 days price average as of this week.

Verified Payment Address: 0xaecd92aec5bfbe2f5a02db2dee90733897360983 (Ethereum Verified Signed Message)

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:

—Grant Committee

Hello there :wave:,

Based on the agreed payment terms, the upfront payment of $10k (100% SSV) shall be executed as follows:

To: 0xaecd92aec5bfbe2f5a02db2dee90733897360983

Amount SSV: 1,422.87

Decision date: 2022-07-25
90-day SSV token price: $7.02804


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Really appreciate SSV grant committee, we received the upfront payment already, here I want to update the progress of XHash integrate with SSV:

Simply speaking, our solution can break down to 3 steps:

Step1: User upload their validator key and password,

Step2: We distribute this validator key to 4 key shares in our server

Step3: Register one validator for user and allocate this 4 key shares to our node operator

We finished the development work of Step2 already and working on step3, we hope we can finish this in 2-3 weeks on V2 testnet, we’ll demonstrate it at that time.

And we registered 4 node operators on Shifu network already.