SSV x NodePlus [Staking Platform]


We want to inform the community that the grant committee has approved the following grant request on 2023-01-10 (10th of January 2023)

NodePlus - Staking Platform

Total grant: $50,000

Payment terms: The grant will be paid in 70% SSV and 30% USDC tokens based on a 90-day moving price average as of the approval date, re-calculated for every milestone.

We are looking forward to their work!


Thank you for the insightful feedback from the grant committee.

We’d also like to provide additional information to the community regarding our program and its present state.

The project’s motivation:
SSV is a revolutionary new decentralized staking service. We anticipate that some of our current and potential clients may favor using such a solution for improved decentralization. To better serve our consumers, we therefore aim to incorporate SSV service into our platform. We will make use of our expertise to provide the SSV network with top-notch operators.

what was accomplished in milestone 1:
Summary: Integrate SSV DVT for our staking customers.
Details: Upon accepting a customer request, NodePlus creates necessary keys using the backend services that are already in place. The NodePlus SSV Manager then creates and manages an SSV staker account, which also responds to maintaining the balance and carrying out operation actions. The manager uses the staker account to assign operators to validator keys. By default, four NodePlus operators are preferred, although community operators can also be accepted at the request of the customer.


[monitor and alert]

video demo: nodeplus ssv milestone demo - YouTube
github repo: GitHub - nodeplusio/ssv-tool
deployed webpage:

We believe we can use SSV’s tremendous power to improve infrastructure decentralization while also lowering operational costs.

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We’d like to provide the community with an update on milestone 2.

[new feature]
Monitor the performance of the validators and operators, including the balance, earning rate, node health and so on.

We proceed with certain relevant metrics based on our experiences and make them available to the community for use by utilizing our staking service strength. Tracking earning rate, for example, is no longer an obvious task after withdraw functions are activated. As a result, we created scripts to track performance data and feed it to Grafana for monitoring.


repo: GitHub - nodeplusio/ssv-tool
scripts and documents: ssv-tool/doc/monitor/scripts at master · nodeplusio/ssv-tool · GitHub


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We’d like to provide the community with an update on milestone 3.

[new feature]
We’ve modified the necessary tools to support SSV v4, as well as mainnet support. Furthermore, we have deployed the service on mainnet.


Mainnet operator whitelist

Mainnet monitor dashboard

mainnet/testnet configuration example

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