DAO Contributor: Chinese Community Lead


My intention is to apply as a DAO contributor to assist Chinese community engagement, and organiser Twitter Spaces on the Shanghai update and related marketing activities. Currently, the Chinese members are the most active in the community, though often they do not have access to the project information and updates due to language barriers. I aim to ensure there is smooth and transparent communication with the Chinese community while minimising the language barriers. I will also be working on launching the Twitter space series for the upcoming Shanghai updates to educate the SSV community and broad crypto users on the update, and the crucial role of SSV in that ETH-denominated future while keeping up the marketing momentum since the last Merge series.

My crypto journey

I have been in crypto for 2 years now, working on mainly business development, marketing, community and governance for various DeFi and infrastructure projects after leaving my marketer job in a recruitment startup. My current full-time role is Ecosystem and Community team at Euler.finance, the third largest lending market on Ethereum in terms of TVL. Prior to Euler, I was contributing to SSV on the community and governance side from February - September 2022 and assisted in organising the Merge Twitter Space series.

What will I do?

  1. Organising 8 episodes of Twitter Spaces on the Shanghai update (expected to launch in April)
  2. Finding speakers/MCs
  3. Creating marketing plans around the Twitter Spaces
  4. Coordination for the successful launch of the Twitter Space
  5. Recap content (threads) after each episode
  6. Chinese community engagement
  7. Moderation of the Chinese community in Discord on the weekdays
  8. Organise bi-weekly Chinese community calls in Chinese for transparent communication
  9. Coordinate with Chinese community members regarding Dework tasks including translations
  10. Work alongside Migual and brainstorm community events/strategies
  11. Work alongside Eran on the ambassador programme
  • Monthly reporting includes

I will provide reporting of the monthly activities that I perform in accordance with my goal & responsibilities & DAO needs. Reporting shall be done publicly to the DAO.

There will be areas of activities I intend to focus on the upcoming month along with activities I have worked on the past month. These can change based on the DAOs needs.

  • Reporting sheet includes
  1. main objectives for the upcoming month
  2. side objectives for the upcoming month
  3. recapitulation of the past month’s work & objective
  4. ongoing work

Grant & Commitment proposal

  • Contribution Grant

All grants are denominated 85% in USDC, 15% in SSV, with SSV part of the compensation calculated based on a 7-day trailing average for the previous 30 days, calculated on the 1st day of each month. Transfers shall be divided monthly and executed at the beginning of each calendar month for services rendered in the previous one.

---- For my time and efforts and to cover tax & healthcare & travel & workspace expenses, I’m asking a yearly rate of $42,000 USD

This would amount to a monthly payment of $3,500 (42,000 /12) paid in SSV under the conditions specified above. The recipient address is: 0x0FCc411B1118eC9efab83B9BcFd51c630bb54901

  • Termination

This relationship will last for 6 months. It will start with the approval of this proposal and will cease after 6 months or at any time following a decision of the DAO unless renewed by a positive DAO vote.

My Commitment

This is a part-time commitment. During the term of my engagement with the DAO and while receiving grants from it, I shall be allowed to work for other businesses, protocols, and DAO, excluding those that are reasonably likely to interfere or compete with SSV.Network.


This engagement is not an employment agreement, and it does not create an employment relationship. Accordingly, I shall not be entitled to any benefits (pension, health insurance/medical coverage, etc.) associated with an employment relationship.

I warrant that my skills in the context mentioned in this proposal shall be put to the service of the DAO and the ssv.network and not to any of its members to whom I have no direct relationship or obligation.

I do not have the power to commit on behalf of the DAO and I shall not present myself as having such power.

Operations consideration

All compensation in SSV should be made through the DAO multi-sig, which I am not and shall not be a key holder of. If at any time either the DAO or anyone appointed by the DAO decides, by way of a vote, my services are no longer needed, I shall cease any action related to this engagement on the seventh (7) day following such decision. Grants shall be awarded until the said 7th day. The seven (7) days shall be dedicated to the transfer to a designated DAO contributor.


I support this proposal and am happy to welcome SuperPat back. During her past time here, she brought a great deal of value to SSV, including having a major role in putting together the very successful Merge series with Anthony Sassano. In my opinion, the roles and tasks listed on this proposal are important, and I think SuperPat is a solid fit for all of it.


SuperPat has done a stellar job in the past, this is a no-brainer.