DAO Contributor: Robert.Hu as Chinese Ambassador of SSV Network


Greetings to all members of the SSV Network community!

My name is Robert Hu, and I am submitting a proposal to become a full-time Chinese Ambassador for the ssv.network. As an SSV Chinese Ambassador, I’ll establish a media outreach plan in the Chinese community to promote SSV and maintain close communication and exchange with the SSV Chinese community.

About me

  • Graduated from the University of Newcastle in Australia with a master’s degree.
  • Joined Btcchina in 2018 as the Investment Director and later became the CEO of the Btcchina Korean exchange, BTCKR.
  • Joined AlphaCoin Fund in 2021 as an Investment Partner, responsible for investing in and incubating projects in the DeFi field.
  • In 2022, joined KuCoin Ventures in the investment department, Kucoin’s main responsibilities can be found in the appendix below.

Why am I a good fit for the role?

My advantage is that I have previously held positions such as Investment Director and Operations Director at top-tier exchanges and investment institutions in China.

I have established good personal relationships with Chinese exchanges, investment institutions, media, excellent communities, KOLs, DAOs, and other entities.

High-level Deliverables

  • Press releases in Chinese/Asian media channels - 3-4/Month
  • On/online event participation - 1-2/Month, SSV as an invited speaker
  • Chinese community AMA - 2/month
  • Chinese Discord channel moderation - full time
  • Chinese dedicated SoMe channels - 20K members within 3 months (Weibo, Baidu Baike, Toutiao, Douyin, etc.)
  • Live broadcast with 3rd party channels (exchanges, media, etc.) 2-3 month
  • Translate all important releases by the core team
  • Establish and manage a Chinese ambassador program, onboard more people to join our mission - at least 5 in the 1st 3 months

Deliverable breakdown


I will translate important documents into Chinese, track the key progress of ssv.network, and assist the Chinese community team in translating SSV Network’s research reports, technical analyses, industry developments, and other in-depth articles into Chinese. I will also invite research institutions in the China region to write research reports on ssv.network and participate in promotions.

Off/online events

  • I will participate in the planning of major events and media promotions for important milestones and promote professional press releases 3-4 times a month on major crypto media channels.
  • Represent DAO in offline events in Asia, proactively communicate with Chinese SSV token holders, and establish friendly relationships. I plan to participate in at least 3-5 events every quarter.
  • Organize online and offline activities for the SSV community, such as online AMA and offline meetups held in various cities in China 1-2 times a month.

Social Media

  • Established SSV Chinese ambassador and SSV Network official social media accounts in China, including public accounts on platforms such as Weibo, Baidu Baike, Toutiao, Douyin, etc.
  • The total number of Chinese social media fans should reach approximately 20,000 within 3 months of official employment and 50,000 within 6 months.
  • Establish long-term AMAs, Twitter Spaces, live broadcasts, and other promotion channels with the operations departments of Chinese background exchanges that have already been launched, such as Huobi, Mex, Bitget, Gate, and Bybit. Schedule 2-3 AMAs or live broadcasts per month.

As SSV Network Chinese Ambassador, I will participate in or organize onsite interviews, community AMAs (SSV or LSD industry analysis), and maintain close communication channels with Chinese media, exchanges, investment institutions, excellent communities, Dao organizations, and KOLs to increase SSV’s exposure and expand user base.

Organize or participate in AMA events at least 2-3 times per month for the Chinese community, and give speeches and answer questions for SSV Network users in the Chinese community.

Terms of contribution

I shall act under the established compensated contribution guidelines. Logistics and mechanics follow the same guidelines if this proposal does not state otherwise.

Reporting and accountability

I will issue a monthly report in the DAO’s forum under this proposal. Each report will include:

  • What are the original KPIs set for the first 6 months of activity
  • What was achieved in the previous month
  • What are my plans for the coming month

Compensation and Commitment

For my full time efforts I’m asking for a monthly payment of $7,500.

All payments will be denominated 100% in SSV based on a 30-day trailing price average, calculated on the 1st day of the following month. Transfers shall be divided monthly and executed at the beginning of each calendar month for services rendered in the previous one.

According to the compensated contributor guidelines, I will not receive any additional compensation from working groups, circles, or committees I work with as part of this mandate.

The recipient address is:


Travel and general expenses coverage

The monthly subsidy of 7,500 US dollars includes all expenses incurred during my business trip to China, including accommodation, meals, entertainment, service fees, insurance, and other related expenses.

Period of validity

This relationship will last for 6 months. If the proposal is approved, it will take effect on the next day. During this time, I will dedicate my expertise and energy to contribute to the success of our DAO and its mission.


This is a full time commitment. During the term of my engagement with the DAO and while receiving grants from it, I shall not work for any business, protocol, or DAO which is reasonably likely to interfere or compete with SSV.Network.

My primary region and preferred time zone are the Asian region and UTC+8.

Acknowledgment and clarifications

As an applicant for a role within the DAO, I acknowledge and understand the effective compensated contributor guidelines and their impact on my role. I appreciate the DAO’s commitment, and I am aligned with the DAO’s values and mission. I acknowledge that these guidelines can be changed at any time, are subject to the DAO’s voting and consensus process, and that continuous refinement is a key aspect of the DAO’s governance structure.

This engagement is not an employment agreement and does not create an employment relationship. As such, the contributor must cover their own tax, healthcare, and workspace expenses, and they shall not be entitled to any benefits such as a pension or health insurance associated with an employment relationship.

The contributor warrants that all activities in the context mentioned in this proposal shall be put to the service of the DAO and the ssv.network and not to any of its members to whom the contributor has no direct relationship or obligation. The contributor does not have the power to commit on behalf of the DAO and shall not present themselves as having such power.


Thank you for considering my proposal. I am available for further discussions at your convenience. I look forward to discussing how we can collaborate to achieve our DAO’s objectives.

Thank you, @Robert.Hu, for your application and willingness to resubmit your proposal after we haven’t reached the minimum quorum last time.

It’s worth highlighting that you’ve lowered the grant size based on community feedback, which the DAO hopefully appreciates.

We’ll batch your proposal together with others in the next coming days. Until then, please be prepared to answer questions from the community here on this forum post or discord.

Thank you,

In light of the objections raised by the community regarding Robert Hu’s involvement as CN Ambassador, Robert made the decision to withdraw his proposal.
We appreciate everyone’s involvement and would like to thank Robert for his willingness to contribute to the DAO and protocol. Best of luck!

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