[dMarketing] CN Ambassador Grant

This post is to inform the community about granting @Robert.Hu 225.94 SSV tokens as part of the dMarketing initiative.

@Robert.Hu has been of great value in building and maintaining the chines speaking community, acting as a defacto CN Ambassador for the SSV Network. See a list of his top contributions below.

Hereby we request the dMarketing m-sig to approve the payment to the following address:
0x7a134e43A5bf7901068179E8D7d8aB0eA2acC0e1 (proof of address)

Terms: 100% SSV 7-day. moving average with a reference price of $22.13/SSV per 2023-05-09.

Thank you!

Contribution Summary

  1. On February 7, 2023, I co-organized a Twitter Space event with China’s leading media outlet PaNews on the topic of “Ethereum Staking, the Most Important Race of 2023?” with 2,493 listeners.

Replay link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BdxYydYApzxX

  1. On February 6, 2023, I co-organized a Twitter Space event with Shield DAO’s Chinese channel on the topic of “The Development of LSD and Its Potential” with 442 listeners.

Replay link: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1MnxnpXMnrNGO

  1. On February 13, 2022, I participated in the Whale Hunting Community Project Investment Research Conference.

Topic: “The Potential of Shanghai Upgrade and the LSD Racetrack.”
Subtopic: “SSV as the Key Infrastructure of the LSD racetrack after ETH Switches to POS.”

I also completed a WeChat article and a YouTube video:

(1) I co-organized an online AMA event with AC Capital, ChainLabs, MarsBit, Defi Dao, and other organizations on the topic of “How Will LSD Develop After the Shanghai Upgrade?”
(2) I organized the CabinVC Hangzhou New Year party.
(3) Read2N × SSVNetwork

I exchanged views on the current situation and future of the LSD racetrack with the READ2N community,

  1. I co-organized an online live-streaming event with Binance Live and Shield DAO with over 6,000 viewers on the topic of “LSD Ecology in Detail - Explaining the Complexities,”
    Participants from well-known projects and institutions such as Lido, Xhash, and BlueWharf.
    Hosted by MoonLight, a Twitter influencer and Binance Live professional host. Course link: Ultiverse Live Show: All About the LSD Ecosystem | Binance Live