DAO contributor: 0xdog apply for Chinese ambassador of SSV

DAO contributor: 0xdog apply for Chinese Ambassador

The open market falling in the passed 3 month, chinese comminity has lot of doubt & misunderstand for ssv project, it’s always hard when holder loss. Fud air infect each other.

I find there are 3 reason, let chinese community has difficult to communicate with team,
1, different mother language
2, ssv is still not on live, it’s not easy to explain progress to CN community, there is lot of new technical on ssv .
3, most of chinese community freind come in SSV at this year. not familiar with the past time of SSV.

About me:
At October 2021, while CDT upgrated to SSV, the open market was also bad in long time, for improve the community atmosphere, I collect infor and wrote an SSV analysis article, open near New Year’s Day. then the famous chinese media Block Beats publish it
It’s the first chinese article to introduce how did SSV network work.

In this month, I write another article to introduce the benifit of SOLO staking and ssv operator:

what I can do:

I will be a communicate bridge between chinese community and dev team,
Collect the question from chinese community, feedback what we concern to team.
Follow up the project’s status and progress, what does team doing, and next work plan. even problem facing.
Improve Chinese community atmosphere. make positive image for SSV.

what I can’t do :
I can’t control the ssv price, I loss too when market dump.

Grants: 2 way for DAO to choose:
1, 7500usdc per month, paid by usdc, I will use it freely after receiving.
2, fixed 300ssv per month, regardless price, I can promiss all the wages(received SSV) will not sell before 2025 year.

This service is terminated at any time if:

  1. There is more suitable person as chinese ambassadors, such as Kevin-Armstrong
    2, DAO or the D-marketing don’t need my service any more
  2. ssv team thinks I am not needed or unqualified.
    4, Several Chinese community menber suggest that I am not needed .
    5, Open market turn well, or SSV business/TVL growing fast.


最近3个月,二级市场不太好,阴跌了几个月社区氛围很烦躁,难熬。 因为项目方不会中文,沟通不顺畅,去年社区很多优秀的老人都不露面了。今年来的朋友们的对SSV这个项目和团队不太了解,在市场不好的时候fud情绪容易互相感染。

2021年国庆时候CDT转换SSV之后,市场也不好很长一段时间。为了改善一下社区氛围,我收集资料写了一篇SSV分析文章,大约元旦左右发出来。2月区块律动转载之后 氛围是好了一点。大约是中文第一篇分析SSV怎么工作的文章


1 母语不同,沟通不方便。
2 SSV没上线,介绍起来技术偏多也不容易沟通,
3 大部分社区成员不了解前2年SSV的历史。

我能做的是 起一个沟通桥梁的作用,把中文社区关心的问题反馈给项目方,把项目的进展和所处的阶段,



1, 社区或者团队有更合适的大使人选,比如Kevin Armstrong


good job, bro, i support u

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can’t agree more,besides, hope you can promote the influence of ssv in the Chinese circle

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i am against the proposal.

  1. The compensation is over high when you see the responsibilities.
  2. I think Dao should consider what kind of mod/ambarssador we need or why we need an ambassador?

SSV network is a pretty tech-driven project and to-B business so expect to see more tech talks in the community (e.g. how ssv works, how other LSTs could integrate with SSV and what SSV should improve).

imo, to be eligible, the mod at least:

  1. has to have good knowledge of staking (e.g. running the validator or SSV node operators)
  2. has to understand SSV tech instead of saying that SSV could improve Ethereum decentralization in a no-brain way.

Currently, most community members have little knowledge of tech and SSV itself while they only care about price and wen mainnet. I guess that most of them didn’t join the testnet as a NO. How to solve these issues is the key but I don’t see any good plan or proposal of it.

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quite right, thanks for reply,
I just try to affect chinese community active join in DAO, communicate with team directly in english.
When doubt happened, we can query it with team, instead of FUD each other.

If these are what you want to do, the compensation you mentioned is over high. Consider to apply for a little grant with clearer responsibilites.

good job, bro, i support u

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