Request for ETHDenver funding for Dev. Evangelist

The is sponsoring ETHDenver and I believe it is important in my role as developer evangelist to also have a presence at the hackaton and conference.

Together with Devcon, this is probably the biggest hackaton of the year. It is also taking place before the planned mainnet launch in Q2/3, which makes it strategically important.

Although my hiring proposal states that I would account for traveling costs myself, this is event is different in such that it incurs extra-ordinarily high costs, and isn’t the tipical kind of two-days conference.
Due to being almost 2 weeks long, taking place in the US (high costs for accomodation), and being hard to reach from my current location in Asia (very long and expensive flights), I request additional funds. If I were to go and cover the expenses myself, it would cost around 50% of my monthly payment.

Given the strategic importance of this event, I am asking the DAO to cover travel expenses above $1k from its dMarketing funds.

The expenses consist of the following rough numbers:

  • Flight from Indonesia ~ $3500
  • Hotel x during 23.2. - 6.3. ~ $2750

Total: $6250

All expenses shall be payed based on actual expenses and will be requested at the end of this trip. I request to get paid in $SSV tokens as per the terms in my hiring proposal.

Dear @markoInEther,

Thank you for your service and the request for additional funding. It is clear that our dev. evangelist needs to participate in the biggest hackathon of the year.

However, as you mentioned, such expenses should be covered by you under normal conditions. Unfortunately, we haven’t had good hiring guidelines at the time of your proposal, nor did we have a clear event plan. Due to the unusually high participation costs, I have approached the dMarketing team to check if we/they can cover the remaining cost (above $1000) from their assigned funds.

I’ll get back to you asap.

Thank you,

Good day, @markoInEther

Thank you for your patience. In accordance with the dMarketing guidelines*, the team has decided to cover your expenses, although there’s a lot of ambiguity in our hiring and compensation frameworks. We will fix this in a future iteration.

This is a one-time exception, regardless of the circumstances.

To unblock you and account for the high significance of your role and ETHDenver, we will cover your expenses above $1000. Please submit a full list of expenses once you’ve completed all the bookings. Also, please inform @SpookyG - our master of coins - and provide him with billing receipts proofing the expenses.

Please let me know if this works for you.


*dMarketing Guidelines

The forum category will be ‘info’ as this is not a proposal. The community is welcome to comment and propose alternatives in the forum comments section. Each new expense request should be uploaded to the forum at least 24 hours before execution.

The funds will be used for marketing initiatives aimed at growing the community, creating SSV related educational content and rewarding community members for contributing to the ecosystem. The DAO will vote on allocating additional resources to the dMarketing initiative based on the respective results and use of the initial injection.

Thank you @BenAffleck,

Really appreciate, the prompt answer and resolution. It works well and I believe I will be able to leverage this event for spreading the SSV gospel and helping to grow the ecosystem.