London 'Merge' Party to Celebrate the Historical Ethreum Network Upgrade


Block 58750000000000000000000 is coming.

The Merge is happening.

We propose that SSV co-host a ‘Merge Party’ on the 15th of September to celebrate the historical upgrade with other ETH Stakers in London.

Proposal Details

The Merge Party will include 2 parts:

  1. A VIP dinner for 20 hardcore stakers and speakers
  2. A 200-person main event with an interactive audience <> panel discussion. And Merge celebration.


By hosting the Merge party, we are hoping to deepen the relationship between SSV and its staking partners and increase awareness of SSV within the bigger Ethereum ecosystem.

The expected participants are Ethereum staking protocols (e.g. Lido), staking operators (e.g. Launchnodes), dApps (e.g. AAVE), centralised exchanges (e.g. Coinbase) and the wider DeFi & TradFi communities.

It would be a good opportunity to show SSV’s presence supporting this network upgrade while positioning SSV as a crucial Ethereum infrastructure in front of other partners.

Why London?

London has been the financial centre of the world for centuries, it harbours many Ethereum protocols and services besides uncountable Tradfi institutions. It’s the headquarters of AAVE, Voltz, Launchnodes (one of SSV’s verified operators), Euler Finance, Fabric Ventures and many more… A Merge Party will be a great PR presence for SSV in Europe, attracting protocols to build on top of and partner up with SSV. Moreover, we’ll also be focussing on bringing in non-crypto natives, coming from politics, TradFi and ‘real-world’ industries, such that they can also learn about one of the biggest events in crypto and its impacts.


The proposal requests 7,500 USDC from the DAO to cover 50% of the cost of the event. We are currently reaching out to other partners to co-host the party to cover the other 50% of the event cost.

The cost will cover:

  1. 4-hour rent of a 200-people-capacity venue in central London
  2. Booze and refreshments offered to participants
  3. Partners’ dinner
  4. PA system of the venue
  5. Event photographer
  6. Sending SSV Swag to London


  • It’s an excellent opportunity to increase SSV brand exposure in Europe.
  • It helps SSV to reinforce its relationship with ecosystem partners.
  • It aligns SSV marketing narrative with the Merge.


  • There is an opportunity cost of not spending the money on other PR initiatives.
  • There is a risk the Party may not go well, such as the Merge is not successful.
  • Yes
  • No

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