[DIP-21] SSV x Ether.fi Staking frens



This proposal aims to establish a partnership between Ether.fi and the ssv.network DAO. Both Ether.fi and the ssv.network DAO will provide to each other 500.000 USD worth of their native token to each other for co-incentivization campaigns to increase awareness of SSV in Etherfi and the broader staking ecosystem.


SSV and Etherfi have a long-standing relationship and have collaborated, educated, and grown each other’s respective ecosystems.

This collaboration will help to increase awareness of not only DVT but also the ssv.network DAO in Etherfi’s offering, helping further cement the necessity of resilient Ethereum staking operations in all aspects of Restaking.

With Etherfi’s massive restaking operations spanning to the tune of $6.05B total TVL, they are regarded as the largest Liquid Restaking protocol on Ethereum.

Furthermore, Ether.fi has already supported the ssv.network protocol with 2,500 validators (currently around 13% of the total validator count) to run on SSV’s infrastructure to signal the importance of distributed validator technology in restaking.

Having this campaign would greatly cement the mutual relationship and further the renown of DVT and the ssv.network.

According to past “Staking Frens” activity from Etherfi, the allocated $SSV is expected be distributed to Ether.fi platform stakers after the campaign launch. This will serve to bring exposure to the ssv.network DAO and broaden its token holder number, effectively improving govenrance.

Additionally, Ether.fi has engaged in “Staking Frens” campaign with industry-leading protocols with great success; such as Ethena, Ondo Finance, and more. For a comprehensive list, please refer to


As we all know, restaking is a fairly new but very promising crypto-economic primitive, with various protocols ushering in a widely innovative rehypothecation mechanism for staked Ethereum. Having exposure to the leading liquid restaking protocol such as Ether.fi aligns with the value of this innovation which includes decentralization, diversity, and Ethereum-alignment.


  1. Increase awareness of SSV in Ether.fi and the broader restaking ecosystem.

  2. Social participation and engagement: using the funds from this campaign, SSV can make use of these funds for various campaigns to further increase engagement, education, and positioning of the SSV Network in Etherfi, the restaking community, and beyond.

Required Actions
On the day of passing of this proposal the ssv.network DAO Multi-Sig committee will execute a transaction, sending 500.000 USD worth of SSV tokens to the following wallet address:


The amount of SSV to be sent will be determined according to the Binance trailing average USD value of SSV for the past 7 days from the date of the passing of the proposal.

Considering that the goal of the the funds received by the ssv.network DAO treasury from Ether.fi is to further cement the relationship and increase the prominence of the ssv.network in Ether.fi’s ecosystem and beyond, the majority of the funds ($400,000) received from Ether.fi shall be allocated to the SSV DAO’s Treasury, with the remainder ($100,000) being utilized and available to be used by the SSV Foundation and the relevant service provider according to [DIP-16] ssv.network DAO community and marketing management proposal.


Thanks to community feedback, the proposal draft, which can be found above, has been updated to reflect the community’s need for greater detail and certainty in DAO proposals.

Please take part in these discussions wherever you feel like the best venue for you is so the ssv.network DAO can benefit from you experience and ideas!


:vertical_traffic_light:Voting is now underway!

[DIP-21] SSV x Ether.fi Staking frens