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Proposal overview

This proposal is an extension of the DAO Partner Program proposal (submitted Oct. 1st 2021). We propose to add the below partners to batch #1 of the program.


The success of the SSV.Network depends on its community, currently composed of highly technical and experienced individuals from the ethereum community.

The motivation behind this proposal is to enlarge the community by engaging, via SSV token ownership, with strategic companies (partners) from the ethereum staking industry.

We believe that together we can bootstrap SSV.Network with experienced operators, their communities and eventually mainnet ETH.


The DAO Partner Program was designed to accommodate continuous introduction of new DAO Partners over the course of 6 months. The partners will be subjected to the terms specified in the Genesis Proposal.

Gate Ventures is proposing to purchase 24,233 SSV tokens (for ETH or USDC) at the ‘batch 1’ reference price of 6.19 USD per 1 SSV (calculation table)


With the launch of the beacon chain, Ethereum has started its transition from PoW to PoS. Although there are already ETH staking services provided by centralized entities, decentralized staking service shall stand for a significant share. SSV.Network enables a secure and trustless way to stake ETH and reduce risks and failures. By participating SSV.Network’s DAO Partner Program, we are committed to build with SSV and other partners together in the staking infrastructure.

Gate has been very active in supporting the crypto community in many ways. With the launch of the new VC arm - Gate Ventures, Gate is ready to offer supports in technical development, operation scaling, and global growth for SSV.Network.

About us

Founded in 2013, Gate has strived to provide its users with the best trading experience. We are ranked as one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in terms of trading volume. In September 2021, Gate launched its venture capital arm - Gate Ventures, which is focused on investments in decentralized infrastructure. Working with industrial leaders across the world, we are able to help promising teams and startups with financial and non-financial resources.

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I understand that this proposal process is unusual and more than is typically required for these types of investments. But I would like to see these proposals be written with higher quality. This one (and some others) seem like they were rushed and not taken very seriously. I think it’s a poor reflection on the potential partners, and it says something about the effort they will put into supporting this project.

There are two Motivation sections, with the first just outright copied and pasted from the Partner Program proposal. There are several typos and errors throughout. And I would like to see the expected contributions explicitly described. Will you be running operator nodes? Will you be migrating validators to SSV? Will you be providing developer support? Will you be contributing to marketing efforts?

Please help the community to see your full value. There is a long list of investors that are trying to become partners, and many of us only want to approve the best.


Hi @fod, thanks a lot for your feedback.

To clarify our efforts in SSV.Network, we can share some details here:

  1. Gate Ventures has been helping SSV to find and communicate with top-tier institutions for the DAO Partnership Program. With more diversified and strong partners involved in this Program, we believe that SSV could grow even faster.
  2. Gate’s technical team is working on setting up an operator node.
  3. Gate’s marketing team is cooperating with SSV already and will have more co-marketing campaigns if we are accepted as a DAO Partner.
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