OKEx Blockdream Ventures-DAO Proposal

Proposal overview

This proposal is an extension of the [DAO Partner Program proposal]
(submitted November 22, 2021 ). We propose to add the below partners to batch #1 of the program.


The success of the SSV.Network depends on its community, currently composed of highly technical and experienced individuals from the ethereum community.

The motivation behind this proposal is to enlarge the community by engaging, via SSV token ownership, with strategic companies (partners) from the ethereum staking industry.

We believe that together we can bootstrap ssv.Network with experienced operators, their communities and eventually mainnet ETH.


The DAO Partner Program was designed to accommodate continuous introduction of new DAO Partners over the course of 6 months. The partners will be subjected to the terms specified in the Genesis Proposal.

OKEx Blockdream Ventures is proposing to purchase 32310 SSV tokens for USDC) at the ‘batch 1’ reference price of 6.19 USD per 1 SSV([calculation table)]



Etherum has evolved from PoW to PoS consensus witnessing impressive progress seeing more than 3000 DApps. The transformation known as Etherum 2.0 will power the performance of the whole network. But how to be part of Node in Ethereum without depositing 32 ETHs on operational hardware, till ETH 2.0 merge is completed.

SSV is one of the best alternatives to earning staking rewards freely, easily in a more secure and optimal l way. The SSV DAO just serves for this mission for everyone in crypto, providing the fair gate to engage in the governance of the ecosystem with yielding.

OKEx Blockdream Ventures keens to giving efforts to foster an enabling way in terms of protocol performance, assessment of Node operators and the expansion of protocols, even a general supervision and Treasure decisions. Being veteran crypto Doer, We are excited to be a part of SSV Network contributing with our integrated innovations, experiences, and execution as well as global resources.

About us

OKEx Blockdream Ventures is the investment arm of world leading crypto exchange OKEx.com. With an initial capital scale of 100 million dollars, we support cutting edge blockchain innovations, promote the sustainable development of the global blockchain industry, while focusing on long-term structural value investment. Our global resources and abundant industry expertise will contribute to blockchain industry’s development by helping entrepreneurs to build great companies.

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It would be better if OKEX listed SSV


I understand that this proposal process is unusual and more than is typically required for these types of investments. But I would like to see these proposals be written with higher quality. This one (and some others) seem like they were rushed and not taken very seriously. I think it’s a poor reflection on the potential partners, and it says something about the effort they will put into supporting this project.

There are two Motivation sections, with the first just outright copied and pasted from the Partner Program proposal. There are several typos and errors throughout. And I would like to see the expected contributions explicitly described. Will you be adding SSV to your exchange? Will you be running operator nodes? Will you be migrating validators to SSV? Will you be providing developer support? Will you be contributing to marketing efforts?

Please help the community to see your full value. There is a long list of investors that are trying to become partners, and many of us only want to approve the best.


Thanks for asking,

Actually, the technical department of OKEx has already been in talk with SSV team about the feasibility of running an operator node on Testnet.

In terms of Marketing, We would like to bring SSV network to various regions, exposed to media as well as joining online/offline reputation enhancement events, SSV network will be first echelon on our list.

On the other side, OKEx Blockdream Ventures will also enlarge SSV staking pool by bringing more community on board with global networking,meanwhile paving the way for some of our portfolios to be a validator .

Together,We Build. We are looking forward to becoming a DAO Partner.

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We are trying to get a win-win situation for both parties, more exciting times ahead !

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If you can’t list the events that will help the SSV network complete. For example, Promote SSV’s investment plan on OKEX Twitter.
You can enter in the next second or third round, and the price will be higher.

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