Verified Operator Request [DELIGHT]

  1. Company/Requestor: DELIGHT
  2. Eth1 Clieht: GETH
  3. Eth2 Client: Lighthouse
  4. Data center information: AWS - South Korea
  5. Number of mainnet validators at time of proposal submission: 0
  6. Number of testnet validators at time of proposal submission: 11

DELIGHT LABS is a technology-driven team that has made a long journey with the growing decentralized platform from the very early stage and contributed to the ecosystem’s prosperity in diverse ways.

Our business has started from running validators and is now expanding to a validator delegated operating service in over 10 networks including NuCypher and SKALE, DEX named Terraswap, and more decentralized applications to be released in the near future. Since last November, we have joined as an SSV operator and provided stable verification with an average 97% or more performance(99% since ROUND 3). We always keep our eyes on an operator by utilizing monitoring tools of cloud providers and implementing our own observation bot, which is already working for Terra validators, to support SSV network so that you can experience fully reliable service with DELIGHT.

We guarantee accurate and prompt updates, support, and announcement for your convenience.

Please do not hesitate to reach us via:


Welcome SouthKorea…!!!


Hi @BenAffleck may I ask if we can turn on snapshot voting?

opened our communication channel on discord! Discord
please join and tell us what you want to know!


we’ve just started voting! please vote for us :heart: Snapshot


our new snapshot has just opened! Snapshot
Please vote for us and more reliable and powerful ssv network! :muscle:

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