Multi-sig resignation

Hey all,

In accordance with the rules of the now live multi-sig proposal, I’m informing the community that I will be stepping down from my position as a member of the multi-sig, so as to respect the necessary seven days of the being informed before a decision is made by the Multi-Sig.

The Multi-Sig Committee will soon announce who the replacement member will be stepping up to take my place as a member of the DAO Multi-sig.

So long.



The Multi-Sig committee would like to thank for the time @Taiga has spent as a member of the DAO Multi-Sig Committee. :bouquet:

Taiga has proven to be of immeasurable help and insight during his time as a member of the community, for which both the DAO and the community are extremely grateful. With that in mind, we respect Taiga’s decision to step down from DAO Multi-sig and hope to see him remain an integral part of the community in the years to come!

The vote on the replacement of Taiga will be held after seven days have passed since this announcement. Taiga’s place will be filled by none other than the great Jordan from, which we are very happy to have and are looking forward to being a part of the DAO Multi-Sig.

Good luck, everyone!:four_leaf_clover:

Replacement Member

Jordan Sutcliffe
Business Development Lead at StakeWise
Discord: jstar.
Address: 0xf052e0df010819602F0B22a7cB600E33FFc91358


The multisig committee has voted to replace Taiga with Jordan.
The vote passed with the execution of the following transaction: