Grants Committee resignation

Hey all,

In accordance with the rules of the now live Grants Committee proposal, I’m informing the community that I will be stepping down from my position as a member of the Grants Committee, so as to respect the necessary seven days of the being informed before a decision is made by the Grants Committee.

The Grants Committee will soon announce who the replacement member will be stepping up to take my place as a member of the DAO Grants Committee.

So long.


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The Grants Committee would like to thank for the time @Taiga has spent as a member of the Grants Committee.

We respect Taiga’s decision to step down from DAO Grants Committee and hope to see him remain an integral part of the community!

The vote on replacing Taiga will be held seven days after this announcement. Taiga’s place will be filled by @BenAffleck (Discord: ben.affleck), a prominent figure in the DAO. Ben has already been a grants committee member until recently. Therefore, he’s the optimal replacement since he doesn’t need any onboarding, and timing is crucial since mainnet is approaching quickly.

We want to ask the community to share opinions or concerns within the next 7 days, after which the current Grants Committee members’ formal vote on Taiga’s replacement will be held.

Good luck, everyone!


We want to inform the community that the Grants Committee has conducted the formal vote on Taiga’s replacement. With 3 required Yay votes, @BenAffleck officially replaced @Taiga as a formal member of the committee.

Thank you!

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