Grants Committee Resignation - Eridian

Hey SSV DAO and community,

In accordance with the rules of the Grants Committee proposal, I’m informing the community that I will be stepping down from my position as a member of the Grants Committee, so as to respect the necessary seven days of the being informed before a decision is made by the Grants Committee.

This announcement is only related to my position on the Grants Committee, I will continue to be an active SSV DAO contributor in my other capacities as the administrator of Incentivized Mainnet Program and the grant administrator for the Lido Simple DVT Grant. I will also continue to run an SSV Boot Node.

The Grants Committee has been a great opportunity to see the amazing projects being developed on the SSV network and I’m excited to see them being released over the coming months.

The Grants Committee will soon announce who the replacement member will be stepping up to take my place as a member of the DAO Grants Committee.


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Thank you very much for letting us know about your decision, @EridianAlpha.

Although it is sad to see you go, we appreciate your dedication to the SSV Network over the last few months. Your work was super valuable for us as a DAO, and everyone I’ve spoken to wanted to express their great gratitude.

Also, it is great to see you continue running some of our strategic initiatives.

The grants committee already had a long list of potential replacements through an open call. Therefore, the grants committee will soon present a suitable replacement candidate to the community.

Thank you very much for your service!

All the best. :four_leaf_clover:




After an intense application process, the grants committee has identified an individual referred to as Spacesider as a suitable candidate to replace @EridianAlpha on the grants committee.

Spacesider is a long-time contributor to the EthStaker community and has proven the have the necessary skills and attitude this role needs during his interview with the committee.

Here’s his profile:

According to the protocol, the community has 7-days to express objections before Spaceside can be voted in, eventually replacing @EridianAlpha.

Thank you very much!


Congratulations @Spacesider. And looking forward to your next steps @EridianAlpha!

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