[Micro-Grant] Maintenance support for the awesome-ssv repo staking pool section

Hello SSV Network community,

the Grant Committee is proposing a micro-grant per our grant guidelines to support the maintenance of our awesome-ssv GitHub repository for a period of 12 months. The grantee will be responsible for adjusting and maintaining the staking pool/staking service related section within the repository according to ongoing protocol changes, changes in smart contracts, and necessary tooling around it. The goal is to ensure that our GitHub repository remains up-to-date and relevant to the needs of our community.

How we measure success

Both parties will define and agree upon key performance indicators (KPIs). The grantee will be expected to meet these KPIs within the agreed timeframe.

  • KPI 1: Changes in the protocol and smart contracts are reflected within 2 weeks after the announcement (dev channel infos, docs section, or dev calls)
  • KPI 2: Tooling like cluster scanners reflect changes within 2 weeks
  • KPI 3: The repository supports mainnet and preview functionality (beta releases, etc.)

The grantee will receive regular feedback and support from our team to ensure that they are on track to meet the KPIs.


$2’000 paid 100% in SSV, based on a 7-day trailing avg. Payment happens in four batched of $500 every 3 months after approval by the grant committee.

The grantee is asked to promote the work through common channels actively. Every three months, the grantee presents a summary of the work and asks for payment.


We accept applications as a response to this forum post. We expect to hear from the applicants about their motivations, background, and evidence proving their ability to deliver the necessary work. The grant committee will select the grantee within 7 days after publishing this offer and announce it on the forum.

We believe that this grant will support the growth and sustainability of the ssv.network ecosystem, and we look forward to working with the selected grantee to achieve this goal.

Thank you,

The Grant Committee

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I would like to apply for this. I am regularly contributing to the repo depending on the devlopment in SSV protocol. I would like to continue contributing by maintaining this repo

Hello @Rohit.Zoro, thank you for your interest. We’ll get back to you with a decision asap. Thx!

Hello @Rohit.Zoro, thank you for your interest. The responsible committee has decided to keep this on-hold as we’re thinking about a different direction with regard to the next steps. However, we keep you posted on the progress, so you can apply again once the scope is clearer.

Thank you very much!