Implementation of v3 backend, retroactive grant proposal [awesome-ssv]

Hello everyone!
I would suggest to allocate 2000$ paid in SSV token to @Rohit.Zoro.
1000 for continues support and maintenance of the awesome-ssv backend for the past months and fixing issues and another 1000 for adjusting all backend to work with new v3 contracts.

@BenAffleck please review the request. :pray:

If you would want to help us in the future or contribute please reach to us via discord in #devs-support channel


Dear @markoInEther,
Dear @Rohit.Zoro,

The grant committee has decided to award @Rohit.Zoro a retroactive grant per our guidelines for his work on the awesome-ssv repository.

Grant size: $2’000, 100% SSV
Approval date: 2023-05-06
SSV ref. Price, 7-day moving avg.: $24.72

@Rohit.Zoro, please post your receiving address here on the forum.

Thank you very much for all your work!

Grants Committee

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Below is my ethereum address: