Awesome-ssv Repo - Help with backend [Retroactive Grant]

Hello everyone!
I would suggest to allocate 1000$ paid in SSV token to Rohit for his great helping with building up developer playground repo and making it work with goerli-fork!

Now everyone is able to run the repo and launch they own staking pool with any need for goerli ETH!

@BenAffleck Could you or somebody from Grants Committee check the proposal?
thank you!

If everything is alright Rohit please share your address in the response.

If you would want to help us in the future or contribute please reach to us via discord in #devs-support channel


Thanks for the grant. Hopefully, I’ll be able to collaborate with you guys in the future as well.
Below is my Ethereum address for the grant:

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Dear @Rohit.Zoro
Dear @markoInEther

After checking the request, I’m happy to grant 1000$ in SSV Tokens to @Rohit.Zoro for his amazing help on the awesome-ssv Repo, according to the retroactive grant guidelines of our grant program.

To complete this grant, we will start the address verification process soon.

Thank you very much,