Hi from Mikihiro, New SSVdiver Self-Intro

  • Name/Nickname

    • Mikihiro Ono / Miki
  • Discord Handle

    • mikky1248
  • Twitter Handle (URL)

    • @rohikiminoo
    • @SsvNetwork_Jp
  • Telegram Handle

  • What country are you operating from? (and Timezone)

    • Japan
  • Tell us about yourself
    I am Mikihiro Ono.

    【My background】
    I’m Miki, an enthusiast of Ethereum. I graduated from the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto University, where I was particularly interested in researching blockchain technology.
    After graduation, I worked as a strategic consultant at a consulting firm in Japan.
    Subsequently, I joined a Japanese cryptocurrency and blockchain research firm called Next Finance Tech, where I currently serve as the Chief Operating Officer (COO).
    【Achievement as a Blockchain Research Institution】
    Next Finance Tech is one of the few in-house cryptocurrency businesses in Japan, and it publishes numerous specialized reports. As the head of the report division, I am involved in upstream tasks such as content selection and quality control. Our research is conducted in Japanese, and so far, we have released detailed explanations on Ethereum and staking, articles on MEV, and pieces on dApps like Uniswap and Curve. Some of these articles are published as joint research with external engineers and international universities.
    In addition, at Next Finance Tech, I organized seminars on blockchain technology whose topic were deeply diving into staking and the structures of Ethereum itself, attracting applications from approximately 2,500 people and drawing an audience of about 1,500. Many of the participants are executives of Japanese companies, retail investors, and engineers, including those in the web3 space, which is one of our company’s strengths.
    【Achievement as a Staking Service Provider】
    Next Finance Tech has also applied to participate in ‘Lido on Ethereum: Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) Testing’.
    Since around May last year, We have been operating an Ethereum validator node, managing it stably without any incidents of slashing. Our uptime of the nodes are 99.9% above. We are discussing being allocated certain number of ETH with Stader, and we’ve been conduction some tests on the testnet. We’ll be onboarding to them as a validator in June after finishing some tests.
    Cheers, :grinning:


Hey Miki! Your background in Ethereum and blockchain research sounds amazing. It’s awesome to have you here. Looking forward to learning from your experiences and working together. Cheers! :smile:

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