😜 Hi from Yuting, New SSVdiver Self-Intro

Hello everyone, I am a diamond hand :gem::open_hands: of SSV, an AI engineer :robot:, the first SSV network SOLO stake user. I am very fortunate to have received recognition from SSV DAO and finally be able to join SSVdiver :tada:. Here is some information about me:

Name/Nickname: Yuting
Discord Handle: yutingttm
Twitter Handle (URL): x.com
Telegram Handle: Botzen
What country are you operating from?: Chengdu, China :cn: (UTC+8)

Tell us about yourself:
I joined the crypto field in the last bull market round of 2021 :rocket:, entered trading in the secondary market, and am very fortunate that I am still attracted by the technology of the crypto field. I persist in doing my own research :mag:, so I have not incurred losses in token trading. I am an AI engineer at a multinational company and also a passionate advocate for AI :robot::heart:. I have led the incubation and final implementation of many AI projects and possess strong data analysis capabilities :bar_chart:. I excel at understanding and analyzing the underlying technology of crypto projects, as well as effectively explaining complex technical concepts to clients in simple terms. This is why I have such a fondness for SSV :sparkling_heart:. After a long wait, with the launch of SSV’s mainnet, I was lucky enough to become the first SSV SOLO Stake User and witnessed this important milestone for SSV :tada:.

How are you going to contribute:
Based on my IT background and strong technical experience :computer:, I plan to analyze the underlying charming technology of SSV in depth and in an easy-to-understand manner through my efforts, spreading it on mainstream social media :globe_with_meridians:. Not only to let more people know about SSV, but also to help more people understand SSV, be attracted by its exquisite technology and huge value in the field :star2:. With this foundation, I also hope to organize and lead some small interest groups in the China region to better strengthen the dissemination power of SSV .

This is me, welcome more SSVers to communicate together :handshake:.


Great to have you!
Excited to see what you bring along to the network.



Hi Yuting,

Congrats on becoming an SSVdiver! :tada:

Your background in AI and crypto is super impressive. It’s awesome to have the first SSV SOLO stake user on the team. I’m also a new SSVdiver here, I’m excited to work with you.