Hi from AXBLOX, New SSVdiver Self-Intro

Hi everyone,

I’m LinkoPlus | AXBLOX.

Discord: linkoplus
X: x.com
From: Canada (Eastern Time Zone)

About Me

I studied Finance and Physics, worked in finance, taught at UQAM as assistant professor, and lived as an expat for 6 years in Bali, Indonesia. In Bali, I was managing a digital marketing agency on Upwork (SEO, Google Ads) and once I returned in Canada I built a crypto mining farm in my garage. When The Merge happened in Sept. 15, 2022, I transitioned from POW to POS on the Beacon Chain with my brother via Rocket Pool.

Presently, I’m focused on being an AXBLOX operator and delegate within SSV.Network and now a SSV Diver. :smile:

How I’ll Contribute

I’m hoping to help manage the SSV Network Subreddit (r/SSVnetwork) to boost content and engagement. My brother and I run an operator on SSV Network and we’re planning to get a Next Unit of Computing (NUC) to run a ssv.network testnet on the Holesky network. I would like to share my experiences and help troubleshoot for other operators on the subreddit.

I’m really excited to have been selected to be an SSV Diver. Looking forward to collaborating with you all!