Fund BlockTechBridge community outreach education and DVT/Staking workshops

Abraham Shidi from Uganda EastAfrica.A curious Web3 specialist enthusiast,Founder BlockTech
With a degree in Commerce, majoring in Marketing at Makerere University,IRL and online event organizer especially amongst Universities in the region,community growth,outreach education, translation, stickers blockchain consultant and researcher.
Ethereum Foundation Devcon scholar 2022.Speak multiple languages ranging from English,kiswahili, Kinyarwanda,luganda and Rukiiga.
At BlockTechBridge we are requesting for support of Community outreach education and DVT and Staking workshops in EastAfrica so as to support Ethereum Security,decentralisation and more. In this case we aim at raising awareness, adoption and usability of Blockchain products especially node operators , staking,onboard builders to build with SSV protocol.
Can i please be guided on how to submit our proposal.