SSV x DVStakers grant proposal [DVStakers Educational Community]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee approved the following grant request on May 8th, 2024:

DVStakers-DVStakers Educational Community

Total grant: $15000

Payment terms: The grant will be paid in 100% SSV based on a 7-day moving price average as of the approval date, re-calculated for every milestone.

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:

—Grants Committee


Congrats to DVStakers team! The grant will continue to help them setting up Ethereum nodes and educating solo stakers.

Wow, seriously, Eridian and James from DVStakers flew to Kenya in July 2023 to set up an Ethereum node and spread awareness about DVT. Respect! :fire:


Yeah, absolutely. And really astonishing that it works so well in a low-resource community with solar power and a StarLink connection!

I’d even consider this as development support as the project brought electricity and high-speed Internet to a community where there previously was none.


Thank you @BenAffleck and the SSV Grants Committee for awarding @DVStakers a grant for our educational content.

Our Kenya node has ~99.9% performance and uptime for the past 30 days, which is only possible with this support.

Exciting times are ahead with Kenya Node - Phase 3 coming soon!

Check out Kenya Node Phase 1 and 2 here:

View our Kenya node performance live: