Adding Sp00ky as the 8th signer + removing Blox

Proposal Overview

This is a proposal for:

  1. Adding SpookyG as the 8th multisig committee member and m.sig Committee Lead
  2. Revoke the Blox DAO multisig key within 3 months from execution of this proposal.


Since the inception of the SSV DAO, Blox has held a multisig key as part of the multisig committee. This initial setup was made to ensure a rolling start for the SSV DAO.

The SSV DAO was always meant to be in complete community control, and time has come to take that next step. Blox proposes to hand over the Blox multisig key to the community through community ambassador SpookyG.

As a community ambassador SpookyG has helped grow the community and has always been active and available on the DAO forum and Discord. SpookyG has also held the “Master of Coin” role and helped the community get an overview of the DAO Treasury and proposals through the community treasury sheet. As part of this role SpookyG has also helped facilitate multisig committee operations.

Dune dashboard built by SpookyG: Dune Analytics

DAO excel sheet: SSV DAO treasury - Google Sheets


  • When necessary, Spooky will initiate m.sig rounds following successful DAO votes.
  • DAO votes which require multi sig execution will be submitted to the committees’ review once a month
  • Spooky will aggregate successful DAO votes to m.sig execution rounds and avoid “spamming” the committee by requiring the committee members to separately sign on passed votes
  • In case Spooky is no longer able to undertake the committee obligation he will try to the best of his abilities to propose a substitute committee member to assume the Committee Lead’ responsibilities.


0x872Da650d6d727b87e56D8e46f62228a27f94B3d Added as multisig signer, Safe policy changed to 5 of 8 Signatures

0x656DC25464941bD0A017E3babF49b61D437693BB Retired in no later than 3 months, Safe policy changed back to 4 of 7 Signatures


Hey guys,
If you have any questions or comments please share them here! You can also always message me on Discord: Sp00kyG#6714, Mail:, or here on the forum.

I am super excited about SSV and it’s been a privilege helping the multisig committee. The current multisig committee is an impressive bunch of people, most of which tend to be busy. As a community ambassador I am always available for the SSV community and I encourage you to reach out with any DAO/SSV related questions, always happy to help.


Vote is live:

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