Multisig Committee Formation


The SSV DAO multisig committee acts as the safekeepers of the DAOs treasury and provides checks and balances for votes passed by the community. This proposal aims to solidify the multi-sig committee responsibilities, compensation, members and work procedures.


One of the DAOs formation cornerstones is the multisig committee. The original construct included high profile members of the crypto community that take the role of distributing control over the DAOs treasury. At present, there are 7 (6+1 Master of Coin) multisig holders.

Over the past year the DAO has taken more areas of responsibility and governance has become more nuanced. In its current state, the DAO requires a more professional, highly involved body of custodians to execute treasury related decisions.

For that reason, we are required to introduce a complete overhaul for the way the multisig committee is structured. The new formation will include a professional team of individuals which answer at least 1 of 3 categories:

  1. Highly engaged community members which have shown dedication to the protocol and its cause for a long period of time
  2. Tech savvy individuals which understand DV technology to a high degree
  3. Voted in by a majority of the multi sig holders to replace one of the existing holders

The combination of high engagement with deep understanding of the technology behind the protocol will be pivotal for optimizing stewardship and making sure the multisig committee safeguards the DVT public good over the long run.

Updates to the Committee structure

The number of signers will not surpass 8+1 master of coin and will not be less than 5 signers and 1 master of coin.

Current members New Members Addresses
Bitfly Bitfly 0x1806c87798b59C56fc481C2998D9D506675808e3
lsankar lsankar 0x186fa67b00F0C8d777aAfB5caCD5002AAC1B8c83
Kryptokuz(inactive) Fod 0x489a727c5722d0D0CF654d169F87De1Bb5743A87
Preston Preston 0xf71E9C766Cdf169eDFbE2749490943C1DC6b8A55
Yorick Yorick 0xeCbb058Fc429941124a2b8d0984354c3132F536f
Beiko Beiko 0x10F5d45854e038071485AC9e402308cF80D2d2fE
Sp00ky Sp00ky (master of coin) 0x872Da650d6d727b87e56D8e46f62228a27f94B3d
Taiga 0x78D71193A507287365b968dBf7D3Bc6C49d7Eb0b
BenAffleck 0x2de670a1d8c1de83d8727295284704bb196ba117
4/7 to pass 5/9 to pass

Committee obligation

  • Understand your role as the last line of defense for the DAOs treasury, be diligent and critical in your decision making
  • Vote, the DAO requires high involvement and high engagement in order to be effective. Try to be attentive to pending requests and get involved when the committee needs you to
  • Make sure proposals, votes and treasury related actions are in line with DAO roles and guidelines
  • Understand’s mission and work alongside the DAO the achieve it
  • Try to suggest replacements to take your place in the committee in case you are prevented from executing in you role
  • Validate and Verify all transactions meet the requirements of proposals passed by the DAO

Adding and removing members

  • Any change can be achieved by a Snapshot vote
  • Replacing an existing member requires an multisig member majority approval. Any replacement should be updated in forum under this proposal and should include; reason, new member, existing member, for voters, against voters and a 2-week transition period for the community to voice objections
    • Master of Coin will be in charge of reviewing the replacement process and make sure that the transition is properly executed
  • Acting members are always able to remove themselves from the committee. In such a scenario a member is required to be forthcoming with the community and post an update below this proposal

Master of Coin

Master of Coin is leading the Multisig Committee. The MoC is in charge of:

  • Reviewing passed proposal
  • Initiating signature requests
  • Interacting with committee members and alerting them on incoming requests
  • Maintaining treasury related tooling and reports;Sheet
  • Calculating SSV reference pricing (30 day moving avg. etc.)

Committee compensation

Signer - 1,000 USD in SSV tokens per month
Master of Coin - 2,000 USD in SSV tokens per month

Total budget with max. participants

Signers - 96K USD in SSV tokens per year
MoC - 24K USD in SSV tokens per year

(SSV prices will be calculated using the DAO standard 90 day moving avg.)

Sub - 120K USD in $SSV per year

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Didn’t look at the group’s growth implications for SSV. Paying that much to this group every year…

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We are happy to expand on our reasoning for the salary amount if you’d like, but this role isn’t about “growth”. It’s about being the group trusted with the keys to the treasury. We are the final executors of the DAO’s actions and the last line of defense. You should vote for this if you trust us, not because you agree with our plans to grow SSV.


:vertical_traffic_light: Voting is open, go vote on Snapshot:

Multisig Committee Formation