Multisig Committee appreciation proposal

Proposal Overview

This is a proposal for the DAO to reward the members of the multisig committee for their previous work and continued engagement. We are lucky to have them.


I have been tracking all inflows and outflows of the DAO on the treasury sheet so the community can follow along with everything. So far the DAO has been very effective and many transactions are coming through.

All DAO decisions need to be validated, verified and executed by the multisig committee and require the majority of the committee to sign on every single transaction.

An effective DAO, such as the one we’ve had, requires an active and engaged multisig committee so I think it is only right that we reward them for the work they’ve done and their continued engagement. Without their active engagement the SSV DAO would not function.


Each multisig committee member shall receive 500 SSV from the treasury.
The members of the committee to be rewarded are:

  • Lakshman Sankar
  • Bitfly
  • Preston Van Loon
  • @Yorick
  • Sam Clarkson
  • And newest member @timbeiko

Thank you for your commitment to the SSV DAO and ensuring that DAO decisions are executed rightly and in a timely manner!

I intend to put this proposal up for vote in a week, please take the time to comment on this proposal if you have any thoughts, this is just a draft, thank you!


Great proposal @SpookyG !
I would remove Blox from the list for the sake of neutrality.


Makes sense, done :+1:

First of all, we thank the dao multi-signature committee for their efforts. Furthermore, I think we should determine a complete incentive mechanism for the multi-signature committee. After all, they control the money bag, and we should formulate a standardized incentive mechanism, which is good for the community and dao. Of course, if it’s just to motivate this time, it’s not necessary.


I agree, we should figure out something more long term! If you have any cool ideas we can maybe figure something out together?
But yes for the time being I think this is a fair reward. I’ll put it up on snapshot soon.