Staking Rewards <> SSV Collaboration

Summary of Proposal

This proposal discusses brand awareness and marketing on the Staking Rewards platform and why we believe SSV should be implementing them right now.

Proposal Details

The goal of this proposal is to bring increased traffic, usage and awareness to the SSV Network through branding and informational marketing via the platform.

What is Staking Rewards?

Staking Rewards is the leading data aggregator for staking, used by ~300-400,000 investors, analysts, and crypto community enthusiasts globally on a monthly basis.

They are dominant in SEO (e.g. search for Ethereum Staking Rewards on Google), which is a huge driver for their traffic. In a recent survey conducted by Staking Rewards, they found that ~25%+ of their audience consists of individuals or affluent investors in crypto looking to stake (based on a sample of ~160). ~20% represents institutions inside and outside of the crypto space with clients such as Blockdaemon, Messari, Mintscan, Kiln, and hundreds of others.

Their API is used by many large funds, exchanges, and family offices and empowers users, providers, and protocols to access unique staking data, fundamental data and tools including but not limited to Coinbase, Figment. etc.

Staking Rewards help crypto investors and builders make long-term decisions about what to invest in, build on, and how to earn passive income from their crypto. They empower them by providing them with the tools and data they need to make financial decisions, as well as making it simple for them to participate in or learn about staking.

Why this grant?

Together, we want to bring a substantial increase in attention to SSV Network through a custom SSV tag on the top of every SSV Network operator’s profile on Staking Rewards.

The tag would stand out with a distinctive colour on the top of each operator profile and would backlink to an in-depth article on SSV Network, the benefits of it and why everyone should know about and/or use it.

There are currently 30 SSV operators on Staking Rewards. The remaining would be added upon agreement of the grant.

SSV Network could anticipate ~north of 600k impressions on the operator profiles as in the market conditions over a year to this extremely specific user group, including our target audience. Operators are averaging ~1.8k views per month per profile. Together, we would expect these numbers to increase dramatically in a bull market and also as Staking Rewards grows with the upcoming traffic from the merge. This is not including when the 15+ other operators are also added to the site (no additional cost per operator).

The Details:

Custom feature - SSV Tag on SSV Operator Provider Profiles

  • €6,000 per month * 12 months = €60,000 - 30% partner discount = €42,000 per year
  • Breakdown:
    • €42,000 per year / 30 SSV operators currently on Staking Rewards = €1400 per year for the tag per operator which is 116 euros per month per operator
    • We will add the remaining 15 SSV operators and any more to come to Staking Rewards to drive this price down further over time
    • With 45 operators the tag will cost €77 per month per operator

Total = €84,000 for two years

In-Depth Review Article on SSV

  • Total = €9,000 one-off fee
  • Breakdown:
    • High-quality in-depth review article on SSV Network posted across all Staking Rewards social networks, the newsletter with 70k subscribers and used as the backlink for the SSV tag.

SSV to become a Verified Provider and completely revamp the Provider Profile page

  • Total = €11,000 one-off fee
  • Breakdown
    • Public SSV Profile on with in-depth FAQs
    • Real-Time Data Integration with all Blockchain Metrics and Calculations
    • On-going Maintenance and Updates
    • Integrating all SSV operators
    • Integration Announcement
    • Written interview with the team


  1. SSV Tag - €84,000 (2 year deal)
  2. In-Depth Review Article - €9,000 (one-off)
  3. SSV to become a Verified Provider - €11,000 (one-off)

Staking Rewards and SSV have agreed on a fee of €100,000 for all three services which also includes a partner discount of 30% on the custom feature.

Motivation for Proposing

After weeks of negotiating between the Staking Rewards team and Eran Efrima, Shadi Paterson and Mattison Asher on this proposal, we have decided to bring it forward to the DAO. We are all in agreement that this will bring specific attention to SSV Network that we need with Staking Rewards’ user base.

It will bring attention to current providers, upcoming providers and potential new providers in operating on the SSV Network ultimately helping our mission of scaling the SSV Network.

Reasons supporting the proposal

  • Brand awareness + tying the SSV brand to quality assurance in the industry
  • ~50-75k evergreen page views per month
  • Increase in brand awareness and exposure through SSV tag on each operator profile
  • High-quality SR audience of 400k+ directly funnelled towards SSV over 2 years
  • Exclusivity of quality assurance
  • New user acquisition
  • Inclusion in Staking Rewards data set which is the most complete in the staking industry
  • Kicking off a strategic partnership between our two entities for the long-term

Reasons against the proposal

  • Funding required
  • Proceed with all 3 proposals
  • Proceed with custom tag proposal + review article
  • Proceed with SSV becoming a verified provider
  • Do not proceed with any of the above

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:+1: Support! Can continue to expand marketing

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Hi @davwals!

We’d like to thank you and your team for taking the time to submit the proposal.

We have gone through the full context of on-going applicants and grantees while considering our time-to-market strategy and the team has decided not to pursue this proposal at this time. While we do appreciate marketing proposals, our current focus are the tools and applications built on top of SSV’s ecosystem and not necessarily initiatives that focus on the visibility of SSV.

We are happy to revisit when it’s the right time.


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Hi Eran, Matthias,

Just letting you know our proposal was rejected.