SSV x Hellman micro-grant approval [Testnet Explorer/Tools]

The Grant Committee is awarding @Hellman a $5K micro-grant retroactively for all the work on the incentivized testnet tool and the significant impact you have made on the community. It is much appreciated, and we really value your team and its contribution.

The grant will be fully paid in $SSV tokens based on 90 days price average as of this week.

SSV price: $7.03503 (2022-07-25)

Amount SSV: 710.73 (rounded)
To: 0xff70FfA48851c6349Ca72807BBC9B58FAc294181

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:


Thanks to and the community for recognizing us! At the same time, we are also planning to build more for :smile:

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This is our address: 0xff70FfA48851c6349Ca72807BBC9B58FAc294181

Thank you! The address was verified, and payment will be included in the next batch.

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