SSV x Dexponent grant proposal [Institutional staking and restaking]

We want to inform the community that the grant committee approved the following grant request on March 3rd, 2024:

Dexponent-Institutional staking and restaking

Total grant: $50000

Payment terms: The grant will be paid in 100% SSV based on a 7-day moving price average as of the approval date, re-calculated for every milestone.

Thank you :four_leaf_clover:

—Grants Committee

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We are thrilled to announce that Dexponent has received a grant from the SSV networks to integrate SSV’s Distributed Validator Technology (DVT) for our institutional clients allowing for completely non-custodial, distributed risk, and slashing risk-free staking operations. This step validates and aligns with Dexponent’s bigger mission to bridge the gaps between traditional finance and DeFi by working with core ecosystem protocols like SSV Networks.

Demo(includes screenshots): attached

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